Princess Durga

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Hello friends ! Caturday !!! Durga has been waiting for her turn for a long time.

Born in2018
Best traitamazingly beautiful
Worse traitnot very patient

How she appeared in our lives

Near my place there is a cat shelter and unfortunately some unhumans leave many boxes with kitties there.

Durga's litter was one of it. They were 6 kitties, all of them super different and beautiful.

We took the babies to an hospital were they stayed for some time because they were super dehydrated and some of them looked sick.

I remember the first time my partner saw the kitties, he started pointing to each one saying: "I want this one", "And this one", "And this one as well"!

(You can see some picture of them in my first caturday post)

After some days, the vet called us saying that one of the babies died and she was not sure what was the reason.

On the next days, one baby was dying each day!

One day I went to check the 2 kittens that were still alive, the orange one and the grey and white. The moment I got there, the vet with tears in her eyes told me that the orange kitten had died meanwhile.

This was the moment I took Durga and promised her that if she fought the disease I would take her home. She was so small, so cute and her eyes were asking me to take her out of there.

Later on, we discovered that the babies had PIF (one type of corona virus) and since they were so small and weak could not fight the virus and eventually died because of it.

Getting to know her new family

Due to the fact that she was a virus carrier she had to be 2 weeks isolated from my other cats.

She was super funny, couldn't walk straight, was always super energetic, willing to play. Happy to be alive with a family.

After the isolation period she got to know her 3 sisters, Shiva, Mio and Ninja.

Mio as usual was not very fond of another being stealing my attention, Shiva immediately adopt her and Ninja thought she was too energetic to play with!*

Imgur - Durga trying to get Mio's attention

Durga was crazy about food, when we were feeding here she started growling at us. It was super funny at the same time, because she was this small thing, the size of hand, trying to scare humans!

Durga got strangely fat

When Durga was around 6 months old she started getting fat. She was always famished and truly ate too much. And she never was in contact with a male cat, so she couldn't be pregnant.

Time passed and I used to say to my partner that we should take Durga to the vet because she was probably sick, her tummy was not normal, she didn't let us touch it.

*One day my stepmother was bringing me home and we were speaking about Fattie Durga, and I remember she saying: "Hmm she is pregnant for sure, you will be a grandmother..." and I kept saying no way, she never met a male cat, she is a virgin, bla bla...

*On that day I got home and I heard some meow from an wardrobe, I openned it and Durga was trapped inside, I thought: "Poor cat she must have spent all day in the wardrobe".

I closed the wardrobe door, and guess what? I kept hearing meowing from inside it.

I'm a grandmother

Indeed. My stepmother was right after all. Durga was the proud mama of 4 beautiful kittens.

Durga asking for cuddles in a small break from motherhood!

*As I've said on a previous post, we chose names for them that were not very personal, because we wanted to find families for them.

Leopard, Moustache (now Coconut), White Paws and Little Monkey Girl.

Moustache went to a friend of mine and his a strong, big, fluffy, beautiful cat

Since the beginning, I decided to adopt Little Monkey, official name Ashoka Tsundari.

*My partner decided that he would adopt one of the remaining brothers, but in the end he wasn't able to separate them and we adopted both.

Leopard was named Leopold (Leopoldo in portuguese) and White Paws was Fausto (not sure if there is an english translation).

This is basically how we became a family of 7 cats and 2 slave humans. :joy_cat:

Daily Life

Durga is a pretty relaxed cat, loves cuddling, loves to sleep in our bed inside the sheets, loves to be a cat!

Durga and Mio have a strange relation, before the kittens were born, Mio was always higher than Durga in the hierarchy. But now it's Durga plus 3. So it's normal to find Durga or one of the babies trying to scare Mio or make her mad!

Although she is a cutie she can be very mean sometimes, because she is not very patient. I found it funny to provoke her sometimes until she starts growling at me, like she did with food, when she was just a kitty.

That's it. Durga is finally introduced. I hope you have enjoyed the post, thanks for your time.

You can find more photos of Durga and the rest of the family on my previous caturday posts!

Remember, stay safe, stay home!

Love 💚

All the photos used in this post belong to me and where taken either with my previous phone or with my Huawei P30 Lite. Image from Bitmoji.


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