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in #caturdaylast year

I have been cat sitting and this guy demanded a lot of attention... lol

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He's a cutie! Pretty colour.

He was a keeper... lol
All packed and ready to hit the road???

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Not until January. Still much to do. Renting out my house.

He is a beauty!

He was a great, smart, friendly cat... I wanted to keep him... lol.. although I have never met a cat I didn’t like... lil

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This one seems like he would be easy to give attention to. Very nice kitty!

Happy Caturday!

!CATtip 25

Thank you! He was an excellent companion, I was sad to give him back...

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@saboin is sending you a tip of 25CAT

Haha..because he is a classic lap cat? He's a fine looking speciman!

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