Caturday Entertainment special - Jingling temple bells and pigeon encounters

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This Caturday post, plays cat actions which they performed to amuse their curiosity, however it also has the positive side effect of entertaining cat owners and enthusiasts.

And finally a pigeon for Mochu to checkout at close quarters


Rarely does Mochu at home see a pigeon at really such close quarters without the window or netted balcony barrier, and when he did, he sure tried to have a go, trying his luck exploring his cat instincts on the pigeon I guess. That young Pigeon cooly flu away. HA, ha - cat, better luck next time.

Ting, ting, ting jingles as cat Vanilla rings temple bells

Out of home, somewhere else another cat who I fostered and is special (mostly because I named her after crypto as Crypta...kidding) rings temple bells. Aww!!

Although she is doing it because she obviously finds it interesting, in another angle it’s like an innocent pure soul is praying for the world now which is ailing due to the Carona season and the economic catastrophe out at full play.

The very act of cat Vanilla ringing bells, sets sweet vibes(: so thank you cat Vanilla now for praying for all of us, maybe it would tingle the almighty’s heart and stuff, although it’s ok if it does not, you tried your best, dear cat.

And then we have Cat Vanilla show us her climbing which she demonstrates climbing curtains.

That’s all folks…