Experiencing nature cat Garu’s style in the Balcony thanks to Covid-19 forced quarantine

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Today’s a different kind of Caturday, for I am in quarantine, the story of why is here for those would like to know.


Covid Quarantine forces one to occupy cat’s spot in the Balcony for sunshine

Even in quarantine, I am having constant cat companions, although I have to occupy Garu’s spot for sunshine in the Balcony, can’t help it, it’s essential.

Here is that spot in my Balcony that’s usually the chilling spot of my Home Balcony king cat, Garu, whose throne this spot is.

Cat Garu’s climbing craze satisfied too within my Balcony

Interestingly, Balcony cat Garu has a climbing spot in my Balconies entrace border, as he climbs those window grills.

Enriching company for cat Garu making it’s life satisfactory with no cat loneliness!!

Fortunately, there is good company for cat Garu at home since these 2 years with cat Mochu who you can see gives loving licks to this earlier lonely ginger cat.

Before Mochu, Garu’s life was lonely and boring

At the onset of Garu’s pet life in my home, he never had the company that entertained him wholesomely. There were interactions like these but his urges to bite,scratch and play cat style could not be quenched. He was finding his life pretty boring.

Attempts to have cat Garu have some outdoor time to spice up his life

Although I tried my best to make it interesting by taking him down to explore outdoors and as a young cat he enjoyed it.

Rolling rolling over the sand, Garu’s can never have enough of that!!

I imagine after my quarantine, I would roll over like cat Garu as I am missing those walks, fresh air, greenery and even company of flat Calico cat Meow down...sucks

Play time routine still there daily for these two home cats

Even now, I try to entertain the long ago grown up cat Garu but he is a difficult cat to get him interested in play. But when Garu does play, my play with cat Mochu takes a back seat, although the white cat gets entertained watching the live action.

Grateful to be fortunate for the on pour of help and support that saved Dad!!

I am very glad, I have a balcony to get my dose of air and sunshine. Also very grateful, that despite the Carona strike, my Dad is recovering in the hospital. So, this Caturday is a nice enough Caturday considering the circumstances.

Good fortune is not just your wealth in terms of your money but all the help you receive 9like blessings) that saves the day and in my Covid experience, I definitely been fortunate to get support and help from many quarters thanks to my local area ward level Government’s management of the Covid situation and the people in my flat who helped to get my Dad admitted in a good hospital for his treatment and recovery.

Cheers, Happy Caturday!!