Kittens that perished - Kitten Ginja being the most recent one in my flat

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Little bundle of energy kitten Ginja

Almost all my Caturday posts have been happy ones, however, to tell the truth there have been there cat tragedies as well. Last week, I introduced kitten Ginja, she’s a vibrant, playful creature, climbing trees and tennis court fences, playing with her Mom when she encounters her, and me when it sees me.


Ginga's excitement to dive into the tennis court to fiddle some berries!!


From a cat that runs off from my touch, it suddenly was cool in me petting her.



This whole week, has been filled with Ginja interactions in the mornings and nights.


Ginja's and her Mom Meow having a nice time around flat greenery

Yesterday was my last morning day of interaction with Ginja because Kitten Ginja is no more.

Ginja's dead body at the transformer after she was electrocuted!!

Generally, I will be roaming calling “Ginjaa, Ginjaa”, after a while Ginja would run meowing, she used to do those little moews still. But yesterday night and today morning, my Ginja calls were hollow, meaningless and empty.

The kitten serial killer the transformers that electricuted Ginja and Tinker

Plant sniffing sessions by Mom and her kitten cat

Infact, another Kitten I wrote about in my flat, Tinker too died that way, but I did not do a post on it.

Still, it was wonderful to know Ginja and become friends with her.

The sad part in all this is that yesterday night, I choose not to interact with Ginja because I was tired and that time period Ginja spent roaming to the transformer area and getting electrocuted. Feels terrible…

I know Ginja since it was even smaller and played a part in reuniting it with its mom as it used to get lost pretty often wandering about.

All your upvotes would go to @project.hope, @catnet,@peakd I don’t want any upvotes rewards on a post that talks about Ginja’s death. After death, it’s a good habit to donate your organs -eyes etc, like that let Ginja’s post give back to community that supports content writers and and affected Venezuelans in need of money(@project.hope), one of Hive's most used blogging platform(@peakd) and the HIVE cat community (@catnet)

RIP Ginja…

Tears in heaven for you little cat Ginja. Song by Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven dedicated to kitten Ginja!!

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