Latest highlights of cats in my part of the world - Caturday Post

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Cats for sure got to be the creatures of the sunshine


Cats provably have sunshine dreams when they go to sleep, for they are creatures of sunlight with the hues of their colourful furs made more vibrant by the pristine rays of the sun. Warm cozy peaceful energy oozing out here.


Although not all cats have colours that turn more vibrant when their furs are graced with that magic touch of sunlight. As the sunlight touch-effect on a white furred cat makes them brighter like the glow of the moon in the night sky.

Benefits of cats having a cat pal


Under shade, these cats are comfortable too, liking to go inside their tunnel toys.


A cat buddy, goes a long way in keeping this cat’s spirit happy with contentment. Loving licks of cat buddies are always welcome, something these felines feel grateful for as a lick mate and playmate makes their life interesting that would otherwise have been filled with a vacuum with echoes of loneliness.


A loving cat friend is generous in comforting their cat pals with their loving licks, all free of cost course!!

Beware of cat Mochu’s demanding voice!!


Hungry cat Mochu, will not hesitate to demand food, or call you to pay attention to him when bored, his cat calls seem capable to awaken the dead, a demanding cat that he is.


This creature has convenient resting spots around the house, and runs like a hare toppling down more than just bean bag seats in the house.


Pet cat Garu bears the loving squeezes of human cuddles!!


Cat Garu bears his keepers petting him, although the dear thing is not aware of how much joy his presence gives to his keepers.


Outdoor cats look so perfect when in the midst of nature


Beautiful natural backgrounds frame friendly outdoor cats, their outdoor grace glowing about them as they appear as part of the greenery about in the space.


Cool outdoor cats and scary-cat cats


Some outdoor cats are cool felines, not unnerved by an encounter with a stranger human fellow, while some cats get unnerved and hide from humans under neat cars.

A Cool Cat!!

A Scary-cat cat

Cool cat Misty

Delightful to have cat visitors to the house!!

Although, mostly the place for outdoor cats is the outside, some cats venture indoors.


One popular outdoor cat at times shows up as a visitor at the doorsteps of select people, confident to receive good treatment.

A delight this calico cat Meow is to certain people with it being friendly enough to be picked up and petted, although it’s no house cat.