Settled Cats - Sunshine cat, Balcony Cat and last week’s Litecoin Cat

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Exclusive Cat Post only this Caturday without the crypto angle

Today’s Caturday post is going to be simple - no remixes, meaning not mixing cat with crypto. These cats have themselves shown me what I should post on.

Cat Meow’s time out when I had my dose of shine shine


A few weeks back on a afternoon, I was not expecting an encounter with Calico Cat Meow, but she came.


I actually came to have my dose of sunshine for the day which I missed early that morning, and Meow cat came down lying on the path as I kept walking there.


She spent her time watching pigeons and lying about sleeping.



Meow’s Lunch


She was later rewarded with a bowl of milk and cat food, nothing fancy girl, sorry these days I just have enough to feed my two home cats actually, and that is why folks I make my home cats work as both my cat Garu and cat Mochu have narrated crypto stories that I have posted on over here.

Balcony is my cat Garu’s favorite hangout place


Then here is Garu at the Balcony, he spends a lot of time sightseeing there, if there was no balcony Garu would have gone mad I think as balcony time is a big time pass for this fellow.


Although it was for Garu’s time pass and happiness, I brought Mochu home almost 1 and a half years later.

Mochi too narrated a litecoin article last Saturday, which was last week’s crypto caturday post.

Mochu was adopted only for Garuji, so he gets cat company at home

My house cats are show piece destroyers - so they are my home’s show pieces


As you can see, the life of both my indoor cats Garu and Mochu are settled. For me, they are the lively showpieces of the house as they have destroyed most of the showpieces in my house. So, got to accept that with them there, no showpieces are required at home, rather get some costly wet food for them to eat and stay healthy, than some inanimate showpieces which are by no way cat proof.


So, that’s it folks. Got a lot of old videos of my home cats which I will upload and post in my other future Caturday days.