Showcasing the playful spirit of Kitten Ginja

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Ginja’s introduction to this plant stem dangling toy in this video

Ginja has been on it’s own living in the flat premises ever since its siblings left

Last few weeks, I got to see Ginja in action. That’s the lone kitten in the flat premises who was earlier active hanging around with it’s two siblings. Later Ginja’s siblings vanished, leaving this kitten on its own around the flat premises. Sometimes, it got to play with it’s Mom Meow when she visits the flat to have her meal, however, it’s been mostly on it’s own.

Ginja plays while it’s Mom is having her meal in the background. These cats love milk and bread slices dipped in milk.

Ginja’s only cat playmate has been it’s Mom whenever it encounters her


When it did play with Meow they would run about, roll and chase each other at the Tennis court. Meow has been tolerant towards Ginja, but she’s been growling at it a lot, when she has to share food with it or simply otherwise maybe for sharing space. However, she’s always been very willing to play with her once small baby, that's now big, so not her responsibility in her eyes.


Playing, climbing instincts of Ginja on full throttle!! Meow in the background doing something.

Yesterday, I decided to engage Ginja in play with a plant stem I found and it loved it. Other than that Ginja has been climbing the Tennis Court fence to the top to get on to the tree where there was a very active squirrel yesterday.


Active Ginja, scratching her favorite foot mat then pouncing to catch that dangling object

Today no sign of Ginja in the flat premises

Today, there is no Ginja in the flat premises and I think it’s left the flat premises. Till date it never allowed me to pat it, although it did paw beat my hand.

Still, that kitten got named by me as Ginja, pity it’s gone now!!


Two days back I named it Ginja as it’s a ginger cat with Ninja climbing skills...ha, ha… now it’s not there ofcourse.

Cat Meow’s time at the tennis lawn

I even engaged cat Meow yesterday with that plant sting, however it got bored of it in a short period of time as you can see in the second video, she ceased to bother about that moving plant string.

Initial indulgence of Cat Meow with the toy plant string

Later cat Meow is bored of the dangling string, she’s keen to find something more interesting in the outdoors

Happy Caturday Everybody!!