In which: I discover more about albinism, Peanut picture time and Yoda poses as a fairy

in #caturdaylast year

Peanut is growing well, getting naughtier by the day and plays with the other cats and steals their food. They mostly humour him....

Lurking and getting ready to pounce on Tom

He loves playing outside, he hunts and eats insects but discovered the hard way that stinkbugs were not to be messed with. Lots of mouth-rubbing ensued.

Peanut: y u sit on her lap? Is mi spot!

Passed out in his bed after playing


I read somewhere in passing that colour points in cat coats - the 'siamese' markings - are actually a form of albinism. The dark patches in the coat are caused by a genetic mutation that prevents colour pigments from being formed in the warmer parts of the cat's body so these cats are temperature-sensitive albinos. The extremities: ears, tail, nose and paws are cooler and the hair darkens normally. This accounts for his blue eyes as well. The mutation leads to a temperature-sensitive tyrosinase protein which is inactivated at around 37C. A cat's body temperature is normally around 38C so this mutation is very striking in a cat but occurs in humans as well.

On to Yoda: he has now taken his pills for 45 straight days and isn't limping anymore. I still have my fingers and he only growls at me and is purposely late for breakfast

Some lens flare in the setting sun making him look like an enchanted gangster lurking in the plants. The vet will see him in two weeks time and we'll decide what to do next.



Maybe I know this funny dude? Yeah I know him, he even chatted with me time to time haha. I stopped by to say hello, and thanks for rescue and raise this little jerk.

The pleasure was mine, he is a fun little jerk

Yeah... if your cats could talk, they would agree with it for sure haha

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Peanut is getting much bigger than last time I saw him! He’s very smart and cute!
Hope Yoda will do very well with the vet!

Peanut is a funny little character.

This cat Peanuts grows a real hunter.

Interesting infor on colour points in cats ...Reason for everything under the sun..... 🌞🐱‍💻😼

Yes, I am fascinated by facts like that

Hope to see You over in the HIVE..... ?
Our Jax was just as Light colored when We rescued him.... I read somewhere about that cold climate darkens the coat.
Jax Deck 2019-29-12.jpeg

You will see me over in Hive for sure, I'm just tidying some loose ends in steemit.
Yes, Jax will be darker in the cold because the gene kicks in at higher temperatures

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