It's Caturday! 🐈 (2019-12-14)

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Three very different cats! It’s amazing that they get along well!

I think they just leave each other alone and that’s how they get along. Although I have seen Oscar and Skimmer sleeping together.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :-)

That’s nice to know they manage to live in peace. My grandmother cat could not remember her own daughter and grandkids scent. She became very aggressive and moved to live at my next door neighbor’s house. I visited her yesterday. The new owner is spoiling her like crazy, she bought her winter jacket!! Lots of dogs are wearing winter clothes so cats’ fashion has arrived! LoL

Excellent post 👏. Nice to meet all the three cats. Oscar has got same coloring and mannerisms as my cat Bob. Very friendly and enjoys being petted and sitting even on strangers laps.
Thank you for sharing.Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a productive week ahead 👍 😁

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Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting, @practicaleric!

Have a good week!

Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much!

You're very welcome! :)

Oh my they are all adorable!
Love the shy look on Fluffy.

Thank you very much for your support!

Cat 1 Oscar, super friendly..and the other 2 cats posted relative to their friendliness rank. Oscar seems a really happy cat as well(: ...

Lovely picture of Oscar there!! ... and fluffy, fur is nice and cloudy.

Hehe! I guess you're right. It wasn't planned that way, but it's true; they are presented in order of friendliness.

Thanks for your nice comment! Have a great day!

Happy Caturday to you as well... even tough we've reached Catunday🐈🐈

Hehe! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one!

Great trio you have there...:-)

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Have a great one!

thank you very much for sharing beautiful and funny photos of cats

Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting! Have a good week!

Flyffy is a real lady xD

Skimmer looks charming... judging by her innocent face I think... I wonder... we could become a good friends!

She can be. It just takes her a while to warm up to you.

Thanks very much for stopping by and commenting! :-)

mmmm, and may I ask, why your blogs are so irregular.. is it theres nothing intresting around you?..

It appears, you've been Delegating for Profit... Should I report this "ABUSE" without further investigation...??? Shame on you...
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Nice!!! Cats rule!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Of course this had me smiling. I don't admit I like many cats. They usually use me.for a bed...


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The cats are all adorable. The one on the couch really enjoyed your attention. ♥

He definitely did. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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Lovely photography of caturday.

Thank you very much! 😊

These three cats are so different and yet all so lovely.

Thanks very much for stopping by, and thanks for the tip! :-)

Oscar sure was loving all of the attention you gave to him. So cute!
Fluffy is sitting there with the look as if to say, "I'm a Princess." Beautiful!
And I love the markings on Skimmer. : )
I am very interested in the tipping service so I will definitely check it out.

Thanks very much for stopping by! :-)

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Awwww, three cuties! Don't we know all these kitty behaviours...

What Oscar did is so typical! Lol... I'm a lil late with this comment but enjoyed the story nonetheless... Thank you for sharing the story! 😻

A lot of my usual gang missed this one, but I had new voters, so it kind of balanced it out.

Thanks very much for stopping by. I always appreciate the comments even on old posts.

I hope you had a happy Caturday and a nice Sunday as well! :-)

Kitties don't go out of style or get outdated! 😉😸
And I do enjoy reading about kitty antics... never tire of them!
Thank you - other than a bad flu, am having a good weekend...
Wish you a good Sunday and a great week ahead too!!

Yeah. That's true; kitties are always a good subject.

other than a bad flu …

It's that time of year. Most people around me are either sick, tired, or depressed or a combination of those things, including me.

I suspect that's why we haven't had much activity in the Caturday Discord lately. I usually go through all the Caturday posts on the weekend. Last weekend, I only went through those that were posted in the Discord. This weekend might turn out to be the same.

It is true... Everyone here is sick too!
I guess holiday eating doesn't help... lol
Something tells me, many will be missing come this week with the hols and all...

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