Walter stalking my puffy microphone

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One of my recent purchases for camera was an external microphone. It has a wind sock on it and is furry looking. Seeing other animals react to them I had an idea of what Walter the cat would do when he saw it. Though I was not ready and jerked my camera back as he ran through the tube.. Hah

The microphone I got is a Shure lenshopper vp83. Ive really been enjoying the sound quality it picks up and doing blogging with it makes my voice more clear I think. Out in nature it picks up on all the sounds around and I find myself reviewing more of the footage seeing if there are sounds being picked up I did not notice outdoors.

Well Walter was curious about it too. I started recording with him in his cat tunnel. I quickly got his attention and he started doing his hip moving thing as he is about to pounce. Well his eyes went wide and he jumped for my fuzzy thing. Last second I pull back and I think it scares him and he aborts his ambush.

LBRY Video Link

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He's a good looking 🐈💙

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