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Was going to post pictures of all my plants, but am highlighting my cbd pheno because she has been helping a good friend of mine kick the evil opiates.

He has been clean for a few weeks now & having stomach issues. He says the cbds let him eat food in the morning & takes his mind off any cravings. I gave him a few different strains & he says that is the only one he’s not sharing socially & I don’t blame him. Gotta kick that junk

She is 44 days into flower here, blueberry headband cbd, starting to smell really sweet & blueberry.


She likes to herm towards the end of her flowering cycle, & because I’m writing about it, I’ll probably see my first one soon. Has not been a huge problem for me though, no seeds & very medicinal weed


I love the long pistils on her, she ends up a little lighter & fluffier than you want good indoor to be, but the hi is well worth keeping her herming ass around !


& the cbd bouquet, I need to grow more of these kind of plants 👇


So friends please join me in saying a big fuck you to the people in the business of manufacturing, distributing, selling, & PRESCRIBING of opiates!

& big thank you to all of the people working on breeding these plants that help people without hurting them ✌️


I smoked some today in a joint 😂 saw a nice nanner in there as was I rolling it up. But that is a good idea to save & store it

I Found A Good Tek For Saving And Mailing Pollen.
It's an interesting idea because only seeds are illegal
and pollen contains no THC.

Yes, I like the sound of this loophole very much. Spreading seed feels great 😄

I Think Its A Really Great Idea..
Let Me Dig Up The TEK.
Heres one with pictures!

I had no idea pollen was so fragile. Thought that stuff was a lot hardier but makes sense that I haven’t gotten a lot of pollination

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We can talk about pollen.

I love looking at your garden especially all that clover! Im just having my first exp. With growing a cbd strain

Your cbd looks like it’s doing great! My favorite of your plants 😍

If only u could smell the sour strawberry kush...

I would definitely love a strawberry strain. I would grow strawberries underneath. Did that for an AC/DC outside once & it was my favorite tasting plant ever

That looks f
Goo d...just for that ...imma go and smoke....be right back

Haha, already couch locked, bong within arms reach

CBD plants are a blessing. If you have time to sift through phenos I'd advise getting some Leabnese seeds. That's a real heirloom from Lebanon that has been scarce in the West for few decades, but now it's been released and there are 4:1 CBD plants there! I grew it and these flowers have some real magic!

Heirloom 4:1 sounds amaze balls, I’ll have to take a look they are called leabnese?

Thought maybe it was just some Lebanese cool kids playing with their strains 😂

I grew seeds from another seedbank. A sturdy, low, fast finishing plant with big colas.


Looks like yummy fluffy cbds, that is the most comprehensive test report I’ve ever seen

CBD i grow myself, i like them! they are different and very medicinal.

Yea, I think the more people who get exposed to the benefits the more benefits we will find. Wonderful cannabinoid

i completely agree with the opiates too man, ive already been to 4 wakes this year caused by them if only they stuck to weed

If only they were never prescribed drugs that had a high % of taking over their lives. I have a dick punch ready for any person who’s ever written a prescription for that junk

Right on! Opiates are no joke!! when i kicked the habit and it was as bad as it can get, i was on that black stuff. I wished i had a high CBD medicine to see how it worked. But i did have high THC and it helped get my mind off of it for sure, still had the sickness. I would recommend suboxone to your friend, but since its been a month i wouldn't bother. Way to go on helping your friend!

Cbds seem to really help with opiate withdrawal of all kinds.

He was on suboxone for over a year, & then did some 10k purge treatment, but couldn’t eat after, makes me really happy to give him some from my own dwindling cbd stash & that it is truly helping him. I’ll have more for myself soon enough 🙏

Its a great plant that can change the lives of millions of people and its freely available in nature. Besides, its a plant that heals and never kills. Do well to follow @thegreens and @dukefranky for green stories about nature and the environment. Thanks for sharing.