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Happy Sunday everyone,

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SBI Share Winner, sponsored by @freedomshift:

Year 2 #ccc's Friday Emoji contest has ended with #ccc 2.01 and #ccc 2.02 with 8 wonderful entries.

Details of each entry as below:

Friday Emoji #ccc 2.01 Contest. A chance to win SBI share!:

Entry #1: My Entry to Contest - What does TODAY (June 24, 2019) Mean to ME? - (#44) #ccc 2.01" - Saturday, last day at school. 🥂🍾🥂 by @wakeupkitty nominated by @freedomshift
Entry #2: "Hoy es viernes de Emoji en #CCC. Contest #39" by @gertu nominated by @oliviackl
Entry #3: "What does #CCC mean to me?" Contest #CCC # 2.02 by @adeljose
Entry #4: Friday Emoji Contest #ccc2.01, hosted by @oliviackl by @marblely

Friday Emoji #ccc 2.02 Contest. A chance to win SBI share!
Entry #5 (Entry#1 in Contest #ccc 2.02): "Viernes de Emoji" concurso #CCC. #2.02 by @gertu
Entry #6 (Entry #2 in Contest #ccc 2.02): Friday Emoji #ccc 2.02 Contest - Once upon... A life tale - Merry by @wakeupkitty
Entry #7 (Entry #3 in Contest #ccc 2.02): Visitar un lugar tranquilo: Cosa favorita/s para relajarse: by @jadnven
Entry #8 (Entry #4 in Contest #ccc 2.02): Friday Emoji Contest #ccc 2.02, hosted by @oliviackl and My Actifit Today: June 28 2019 by @marbely


Since we have 8 wonderful Friday Emoji entries in 2 contests, this round we have 2 SBI for grab by the winner. Our winner goes to Entry # 5 by @gertu with "Viernes de Emoji" concurso #CCC. #2.02

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Congratulations @gertu, here is the detail of the total 2 SBI transfer


Bonus Reward

The below 7 entries entitle for Bonus reward:
Entry #1: @wakeupkitty
Entry #2: @gertu
Entry #3: @adeljose
Entry #4: @marblely
Entry #5 [Entry #6 in contest 2.02): @wakeupkitty
Entry #6 [Entry #7 in contest 2.02): @jadnven
Entry #7 [Entry #8 in contest 2.02): @marblely

And the Bonus round winner goes to 🥁🥁 Entry #3 by @adeljose with "What does #CCC mean to me?" Contest #CCC # 2.02

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Congratulation @adeljose, here is the 1SBI transferred. Hope to see more of your Friday Emoji entries.


Additional Reward

  • I also rewarded @jadnven with 1 SBI as a first time participate Friday Emoji Contest.

Here is the 1 SBI transferred Information. Hope to see your entry in future Friday Emoji Contest.


  • I also rewarded @marblely and @wakeupkitty 1SBI each as a token of appreciation for a strong/consistent supporter of Friday Emoji Contest. They never miss any of the Friday Emoji Contest. Thank You Very Much 😍🤩!!

Here is the 1SBI transferred. Congratulations @wakeupkitty and @marblely


Please look up Friday Emoji contest #2.03, hope to see your entries:
Friday Emoji #ccc 2.03 Contest. A chance to win SBI share!

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Yay! Thank you @oliviackl! Congrats to the winners!!

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Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you so much for the bonus 💕

Saludos y felicitaciones a todos. Todos somos ganadores en este concurso. Graciassss por todo.

Thank you for hosting this contest!

Thanks to all participants!

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