A cold, closed case.

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It's what people are today and if it's not what they are they respond that way. I guess this is the new normal governments wants us to live by. No contact to others, no engagement. Not in real life or with help of the internet. The luxury of internet, social media and after that the pandemic of 2020 should have created more time for each other. What a joke it is. I hear so many complain but no one has time to text, sent a WhatsApp or man message. Chatting is no longer hot, complaining and neglecting is the new normal. By the way, it's not the lockdown you can blame for it but your own attitude, your laziness and disinterest in your family, friends, neighbors and those around you who could need thatt same friendly touch or word you claim you have a lack off.
Isn't it strange how we complain about our own lost and lack of attention but are blind for the role we play in it? How many of you knock at doors? How many of you will open that door if someone knocks at it? You might say it's the fear for the coronavirus that forces you to keep your door closed but is it? Closed doors is what I see for over thirty years if not longer. Those not part of our family we see as the enemy. A person not welcome uninvited, in need, after 6 p.m.

If you like you can say 'the coronavirus' instead. By now we have this type of virus around for one year and... It mutated. Hundreds of people are infected by this new variant. You were already cheering because two hundred different types of anti Covid-19 vaccines are waiting for you? No matter what the media makes you believe they are not tested on many people and... Only those without a single trace of the virus in their body. The first virus not the mutated one.
This means those 90% they mentioned is no 90 at all. It also means it most likely won't work and if (two shots are needed) there's a huge chance only for a short time.
Of course you will ask for that vaccine since you live in fear and this is the answer. The answer to a way out. 'Out' means literally going out. Meeting, watching, stalking, raping, not greeting, getting drunk and stoned after 8 p.m. again. It will be a great moment, short but enjoyable before the next mutation or virus shows up and we all are forced to stay inside again. Staying inside is good. It makes you grateful for those short times you are allowed to stay outside with one other person. If you are locked in long enough you no longer ask why traveling is no longer allowed or only for the upper class. If only the internet connection was a bit better so we could spend our time binge watching on Netflix instead of being bored to death.

The government decided and ignored the advises given by their own experts. How cool is that? Restaurants, pubs, those places where people are not infected closed down. So had the zoos. It's interesting how sport seems to be the only 'outgoing event', according to the ministers, where people are allowed to 'relax'. To many sport is not relaxing besides of the fact a large group of the population is not able to work out or simply doesn't like to hang out in a smelly, small, room with sweating bodybuilders watching themselves in mirrors. Some people just like to go for a walk outside, in the open air. Let their dog out or watch animals in the Zoo. It sounds a Zoo will be history soon. The fact Chimpanzees are imprisoned is the latest crime after contact with your own kind. Both good for being sued and locked in for the rest of your life.

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