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My longing had arrived by night

An orphan missed his father

I miss face to face with her

and every day I'm always like this

My longing had arrived at bedtime

Then I asked myself again

Why I am left to sleep alone

And I want to share the story

Always I feel alone without a place to share

Beds are quiet without love and daddy's affection

A cold blanket without words

Pillows and bolsters can not talk

Dad tonight I see all about you .... I miss the old days

I see not in between windows

I see the moon so beautiful

I imagine if the moon is Dad

surely I will always stop the night, smiling as dad would be there

Surely I'm not alone before this sleep, do not feel alone lonely

Surely we continue to share, telling stories until I fall asleep

Surely we embrace each other intimately, until the warmth always exist

Surely we kiss each other lovingly, so the affection always feels

Father I have grown up now

might crawl a small family

Then let me be like my father first

Struggling for the sake of family, pain and pain no father for our taste

Daddy never stop loving me

Because your little son was grown

understand the meaning of patience and gratitude that my father taught me

I will not forget all your upbringing

thanks the greatest teacher ... i will fight like you first



very beautifuly writen :) appreciate it keep up