Looking for 10 Cebu Steemians - Worthy for delegation perk slots of steemph.cebu.

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Edit: I have chosen the 10 worthy Cebuano steemians! Congrats to the following :



Cebu Community

The Cebu Community has been one of the most active group in the entire steemit community. Maybe the most active group from the entire Philippine Region. It all started with the creation of the communal account, @steemph.cebu co-founded by the two of us, @jassennessaj and with the support of some core-leaders of the region.

The account had an amazing journey from its birth. Community oriented initiatives were its key performing factor that it reached out so many Cebuanos that became steemians and steemians at heart.

The account gained so much support and power from various support groups and individuals that are too many to mention. Nonetheless, we, the Cebu Community steemians are extending our heartfelt gratitude towards everyone who supported the account.

Automation of Curation

@steemph.cebu is one the most trailed account in steemit with more or less 500 steemians trailing(Cebuano or not) its curation taste. It's mainly curating Cebu steemians. Giving them decent rewards and boosting it with the help of the curation trail. These steemians were verified, monitored and being encouraged to do more good to the platform. Thus, the account also promotes harmonious relationship among all steemians and to the community.

The community expands from time to time. Achieving more milestones and onboarding new people to the platform. Along with this growth are problems popping along the streamline and that is an inevitable set back. That's why the founders of the account came up to some scaling solutions especially in curation.

Delegation for Expansion

This is what you've looking for

It's a give and take solution for me. I can't disclose the whole thing about what's new for the Cebu Community and it's constituents but I can assure you that it is all for the common good. For an ordinary Cebuano who is more likely unrecognized on his/her creative work and abilities.

We are(Cebu steemians) encouraged to delegate portion of our Steem Power to @steemph.cebu to add more extra value when it hits its upvote button. And just today, I delegated my 500 Steem Power to the account. Now the account has a total SP of 3900.

I am looking for 10 Cebu Steemians worthy for 10 free perk slots that the @steemph.cebu account offers.


The Applicant:

  • Must be a Filipino, residing in areas of Cebu Provinces
  • Must be 1-5 month old steemian(Joined steemit earlier this year)
  • Must have a reputation score less than or equal to 50
  • Must have less than 30SP
  • Should tell me in the comment section why he/she deserves the free slot. Be incisive with your comment. Go outside steemit and steem blockchain.

The 10 chosen steemians will have the 50SP slot and will enjoy the delegation perk it offers.


I nominate @carlitojoshua this guy right here is young and he has a potential of doing something great.

Cebuano steemians has the potential on this and its inevitable, yet this potentiality will remain as ideas if not printed into reality. I do believe that @redspider can create a good and remarkable foot prints in our community, the steemit community.

I hope that you will count on me Sir @themanualbot,aside that I am a Cebuano,I am also active in meet-ups,not only in meet ups but also in other steemit activities,I also have the potential and I can do such great things.I resigned my work and give my full time to Steemit.If I will be chosen Sir @themanualbot I can assure you that I will do the best thing that I can do.More power to you sir @themanualbot and may god bless you always.

I nominate my self to be one of the Top 10 Delegatee. Why? Because I know I am deserving.

I am a 15-year old steemian who joined last January 25 . It took me 4 months before having a reputation of 49. I am very active in this platform especially in @steemph.cebu: Cebu Writers Guild & Teenvestors Discord Channel.

Going back to "Why are you deserving?". I am deserving because I am dedicated in this platform. I am very active in supporting newbies especially my fellow Cebuano steemians. I am always there to help and support my Kuyas & Ates whenever they have questions about the platform and about the community.

I also have the potential to be a Great Writer. I am into Quality Content Blogs and when I say Quality, I mean a long, informative and interesting topics. I write about Life Blogs that can inspire my fellow steemians.

If ever I could have a slot for the Top 10, I promise I would use my Steem Power properly by rewarding my fellow Cebuano steemians who also writes Quality Content Blogs that weren't rewarded. I also have future plans for the community. I've been a secret-curator of myself and I also noticed the extinction of the tag "Steemph", I want the "Weekly Featured Authors" by @steemph.cebu to be back in order to challenge Cebu Steemians to write a Quality Content Blog.

This is @carlitojoshua the youngest steemian in @steemph.cebu. Godbless you @themanualbot. Have a nice day & Keep steeming. :)

I deserve to be delegated. I do believe that every minnows have vast capabilities in engaging this wonderful platform. And as a freshmen, I am fully dedicated to support the cebu community by joining astonishing programs like Cebu Writer's Guild, Steemsummit, Open discussion and most importantly steem.ph that establishes the community in its progression.

i think @sorenkierkegaard deserves to be chosen; because he has a whale in heart supporting steemians and community in Cebu to grow; bringing more people to be with us e.g sponsors. @sorenkierkegaard has been connected to @kryptonia and @exploretraveler this community will be able to support @steemph.cebu and i @sorenkierkegaard deserves to be ONE. hahahahha

great post. :) thanks for sharing

Hope maapil ko ani sir. Because I support and want to help the community and to improve myself here in steemit. I always affiliate with more activities conducted by Steemph.Cebu. Thank you for sharing

I hope ma apil ko ani sir hehe :) and i want to go deeper or maka gain kog knowledge about steemit hehe I never tried na ma tuckled ang blockchain and platform i want to know hehe

I apply for the delegation because I am an active member of steemph.cebu . I participates Cebuano activities like Steem Summit, Open Discussion, and Cebu Writers' Guild. I want to help others who need my support.

I am @ryancalaunan living in Liloan, Cebu Philippines with a reputation of 49. I have a lot of plans for the community. I was totally inspired for what the core leaders here in Cebu did.

If I have a chance to be delegated, I will curate those quality blogs of newbies to show my support or anything I think was good.

I second the motion! I nominate @steembytes @ryancalaunan @thian2817 @carlitojoshua @liamnov who have been active members of the Cebu Writers Guild and are in full support of the Awesome SMILE Project. I can see them going miles on this platform.

..halu @indayclara thank you for nominating me thank you so much,,god bless.

Thanks @indayclara for the nomination

I nominate myself @jonnahmatias1016 to be part of the top 10 steemians to have a free SP because I am here since November 2017 and it takes me so long to achieve this reputation 49. If I have that 50 SP it really help me to grow here and I really want to delegate some of the earnings for helping other people. I am already donate some portion of my money to the alms or beggar in the street. That SP gives me confidence to post more and to interact other steemians here because in the first place I feel bad to had 49 reputation with over 5 months in this platform. Thank you and God Bless @manualbot.

I @mikeyurnero and I want to apply for the slot. I have my own reason why i want to apply for the slot. Me myself is a gamer. Yes, I spend money in playing games, but today I play to enjoy AND also to earn. I want to introduce steemit to the people in cebu through gaming. Changing the mindset of “gamers” is my priority Because people nowadays sees gaming as bad sport.

If I can earn the slot, I will do my best to help my fellow gamers, as long as they will show dedication to the platform. If this slot is not for me, I’m still open for giving some advice to those who want to stream. Godbless and have a nice day!

I nominate @steembytes @ryancalaunan @thian2817 @carlitojoshua @liamnov @orhem @starzy I've witnessed how committed and dedicated they are in this platform. God bless everyone! And thank you @themanualbot for having such a kind heart :D

thank you @smaeunabs for nominating me,such a great help.

Thank you @smaeunabs. It's a big help for us

thank you @smaeunabs. ..appreciate it.

with the many hopeful here, I too am optimistic that @themanualbot will give me the chance to get this once in a lifetime opportunity. So I nominate myself @sawi.. ♥♥♥ I've wanted to try to comment here the first time I saw the post but I needed the time courage up and say that I could have a chance to be chosen. well I am not a talker but I can be a great influencer. I may not be the best but I can try to be one.. Good luck to the chosen ones I hope I'd be one of them.. Thank you..

I have chosen the 10 worthy Cebuano steemians! Congrats to the following :


Thank you @manualbot for choosing me. I will be a good role model to all.

wow I am overwhelmed. Thank you for the trust @themanualbot and thank you @smaeunabs for nominating me. I owe it to you.

Thank you very much @themanualbot! God bless!

wow I just read it today.. yehey @themanualbot I've always had this amazement of how successful you were at steemit when I first saw you at the very first meet up I attended.. I'm beyond happy that I was chosen.. Ill be doing good at helping to improve the platform.. 👏👏👏

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