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BAND-AID's hometown introduction continues in this interesting post about the theatre of Cedar Rapids. I also talk about the parallels and similarities between Iowa City and neighboring town Cedar Rapids. The 2 small midwestern cities are hot spots of Iowa and have a lot of foot traffic and downtown night life.

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Hey @jamie-smith I enjoyed your video of downtown Cedar Rapids at what appears to be near the corner of 1st Ave SE and 3rd St SE.

Theatre Cedar Rapids seems to be in good shape and it's interesting to see that they have a piano sitting out front in which anyone (?) can play.

Btw, have you every stayed at the Double Tree Inn (Hilton)? If not, it may make for a good video (maybe book a weekend stay online at a good price?).

Your viewers will be able to see what all they have for guests and see how comfortable the rooms and see how Cedar Rapids looks from the windows up near the top of the Double Tree Inn.

nice white piano, I had one like that, I sold :/

Yes, I liked that piano as well! Nice cat, btw!

Nicely done! Love your tour. Following you.

Thanks for your comment melinda! I can always use another follower too.

Interesting video to watch, thanks.

BTW, as for the papercutting, Mrs He specially made a post to show you how-to.

Thanks for your comment tumutanzi, and also the papercutting demo.

You are welcome. The only problem is all posts are in Chinese as she doesn't know English. And I do not have time to translate them. :(

You are really having Fun man ....Keep it up & keep steem on

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