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Welcome my fellow steemians!! Here's another wacky video of myself (Band-Aid) talking about Cedar Rapids, IA.

I talk about some of my personal experiences here in town and what Iowa means to me. I try to keep a positive attitude while also hosting an interesting video that talks about people and places that I'm familiar with. Cedar Rapids has a lot of history to it and this particular video introduces my personal attitude about living in this part of Iowa.


Hey @jamie-smith thank for the cool footage of downtown Cedar Rapids.

I recommend editing the tags in your post to something like cedar-rapids iowa rather than cedar rapids iowa.

The reason is because tags must be one words (or hyphenated).

Right now your post is going to show up in a lead category called "cedar"

Thank you for pointing that out to me Nandibear. I also appreciate your comment about my footage of the downtown part of Cedar Rapids. IT's good to know that people care about these videos that take time and effort to produce.


No problem! Anytime! I look forward to new videos!