Party: 97th one!!! WOW!

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My mom's 97th birthday celebration on Saturday!


Celebrating with family! We had a nice time, but mostly, Ev (short for her name, Evelyn) enjoyed the gathering and as usual, we all sign her book. She brings a book to every occasion and has everyone write a little something in it. It's really a nice idea. She re-reads the different comments of the events and holidays.


We get her a little scoop of ice cream with a candle and the restaurant writes Happy Birthday on the bottom plate! (Note: she barely ate any of that ice cream! But some of us helped her a for one!) ;)


Celebrate life! (Oh...even with photobombs! You never know when you'll get one! LOL... notice one waiter walking by our table when the group picture was taken!)


Congratulations to your mom!! Happy Birthday!! ❤

Thank you, Dee!! xo

Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom! Wow! She has such a remarkable life! I love the stories you have written about you and your Mom! 😁

Thank you, Chris! xo My mom is a riot. She keeps going and sometimes remembers more than me! lol

Thx. Hope to write a story about my uncle soon and post that. Working on a novel, so when that's done, I'll get more family stories written, or at least one about him (he's 91).

Hope you are doing well and the weather is good for you. It is stinky here. Windy, snow and rain on and off lately. ugh Praying for spring!