Michael Jordan Turns 55!

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On Michael Jordan's 55th birthday, the 55 points he dropped on the New York Knicks in 1995 had to be a topic of conversation! Many of us remember it well, Jordan just back from retirement, putting on the ultimate show at Madison Square Garden in New York City wearing #45.

(credit: nydailynews.com)

Michael Jordan chose Bel-air as the place to go hard in the paint, and an All-star guest list was sure to make MJ's 55th a memorable one.

Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan on the red carpet.

SZA sizzled with style as she rocked a unique Bulls hoodie!

Usher was in attendance, as well as Floyd $$$ Mayweather!

(red carpet photos from Esquire.com)

To the World's favorite basketball player, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael Jordan!!
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It's a shame Mayweather turned down a fight in the octagon versus Mcgregor. That would have been awesome to watch.

I love Michael Jordan!

Happy birthday to MJ! Love that you are keeping up to date with current and former bulls...

Resteemed to BestOfSteem!

Happy Birthday MJ!

Happy,happy birthday to the all time favorite basketball player. May you continue to inspire the young minds who have the same passion like you.

Happy birthday to the legend

Happy Birthday to this legend. King of baskets

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