DailyCelestialChallange: Wednesday-Structures The most abstract and striking structures in the world

Praised and blessed for all my family of Esteemianos, thanks to Jehovah @steemchurch, and @sirknight for such a wonderful initiative that allows me to express with the phrase #CelestialChallenge, on the subject of TWednesday-Structures.


Over the years, man has had to reinvent himself and update himself to the technology in which all human beings live, especially when there are multiple advances in architectural matters every day. Therefore, in different countries there is a healthy competition in terms of engineers and architects to demonstrate which d is the most innovative and with a greater sense of originality in each of their designs. And then you can find out which are some of the most attractive for tourists.

The crooked house in Poland: it is located in Poland and was built in 2003 with the particularity that it defies gravity and all types of optical convection due to its wavy model and which becomes dangerous when it is observed for the first time that it does not know that structure.

The ceramic house: this majestic structure was built in Colombia, specifically in Villa de Leyva by the architect Octavio Mendoza Morales who is well known in South America for large structures with a style unique in its style. This ceramic structure was made with mud as its main tool and was placed in the early morning so that later said mud is exposed to the strong Neogranadian sun. That makes the building a single brick impervious to water and resistant to earthquakes, as it also had the peculiarity of providing a cool climate in the internal area of the structure despite the strong climate of the city of Leyva.


The screw-type building: this building was built in the city of panana in 2011 having as characteristic at the time of construction, that 1 floor per day was made so that the floors to harden in the outer zone were taking the form of a screw the walls are wavy, being extremely striking for the tourists of this beautiful country.


The national stadium of Beijín: one of the most enigmatic structures at present, being made known in 2008 at the Olympic Games and being jokingly called "the bird's nest" by the metal zone that surrounds it. Something that for that year was something unpublished in works in that country. Giving fame to the creators of that magical structure such as Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron that undoubtedly made the Olympic Games even bigger with a similar and majestic structure.


Shoe house: this house was built in 1948 as a huge advertisement for a shoe firm and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Having as a virtue that it is extremely multifunctional and at the same time it is extremely attractive for the tourists that visit Pennsylvania where it is located in the United States of North America.
For all the above we must know that with faith nothing is impossible for them we only need that jehova and the holy spirit cover us with his blanket so we can have lucidity and a greater mental genius to do things so magical, varied and original that are recognized in the length and breadth of the world territory.


2 Chronicles 3: 1-17
Then Solomon began to build the house of the LORD in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where {the LORD} had appeared to his father David, in the place that David had prepared in the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.

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