DailyCelestialChallenge DailyCelestialChallenge- Friday: loveBeautyFreedom

Praised be your name sir and blessed every day that allows us to be part through writing through the writing of this wonderful community thanks to Jehovah and @steemchurch, for giving me the opportunity to express ourselves through #Celestial Challenge, in the subject of today Friday: loveBeautyFreedom

Love To my Country


Love is that essence the most beautiful part of life.

Today I want to thank first of all our heavenly Father of glory for having me in this world and in this wonderful country called Venezuela, I feel very sad to see everything that is happening in my country, to see and live the Day to Day that We all Venezuelans who are currently living in it, I am so filled with nostalgia to see how people go to the street to find food in a dumpster because they do not keep a job and the salary they earn is not enough.

It is depressing sad and painful to hear that you are knocked on the door of your house and suddenly you open it and a child comes and tells you: "Madame has a bread that she gives me." Despite the difficulties that exist I still love you my beloved Venezuela and before the law of God no one escapes, I want to ask all my brothers a prayer for this country Asking for freedom and return peace the harmony and brotherhood that is in it I found, I refuse to leave this country because I was born here, I do not want to live that experience of saying I left because in my country nothing is useful, and I want the day I go to form a family to feel proud and tell my children They were born in Venezuela , that beloved Venezuela, where we are all bro.


Jeremiah 33: 2-3."Thus saith the LORD, which made the earth, that the form to affirm it, which is thy name: Cry unto me, and thou hast answered, and taught thee great and hidden things, which thou knewest not"

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