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The sound boost too so let me just go on Spotify real quick let's play some some things missing boom listen closely this is how it sounds without anything on it it uses a front speaker just listen take it off it pauses the say can hear it's a huge difference so it's nice to do it one more time from speaker I'm here all right so that's the JBL sound booth let's take a closer look on it right here so I can see it uses fabric nice fabric we also have a kickstand right here so we could prop it up just like that watch movies if we please definitely a good accessory but it comes at the cost it goes for own 80 bucks which is something that a lot of people would say why don't you just get a cheaper bluetooth speaker like for example this one right here this is a very cheap bluetooth speaker it cost around 30 bucks and it produces amazing sound quality so the thing with this is just that the convenience of having just to be able to this boom put it on your cell phone parts near me and you have a boosted zone.

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This is definitely cheaper and might sound even better but yeah that's just the thing with this it cost money and if you add up everything right here it will be a lot if you add up every mod right here it'd be a lot so why not just buy a flagship that's the only thing that only don't follow all these mods so next up we're gonna try out the power pack now this will give you around three it has three thousand four hundred ninety million poor and obviously that's a lot so that could give you your own maybe to charges or so he seems very thin it doesn't add any bulk to your phone if you didn't know this moto G is also very thin so they are on they're about the same size let's see right here anyways let's plop it onto

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The phone simple like this as simple as that it's on the phone right now so as you can see we have two bars currently I've been using this obviously so this is to just check that percentage so if you press that button it checks the percentage right there it doesn't turn it on but if you go into your samsung galaxy phone parts you realize that we have some controls for this battery so you can see my battery is at 39% there's a plus sign up here that means that the battery pack is charging my phone currently we could also go into more settings which is right here and you could play around with the settings so as you can see we have it's charging on the motor motor I know so it's sucking juice from the motor mod as you can see so yeah I don't know why the cameraman is laughing I honestly don't know why you can also go in battery optimization and optimize it for everything so yeah very cool stuff right here obviously just pull it down again let's go into the Moto mod here we could go into more settings for the battery pack we could change the battery mood so if you're going here you could change the efficiency and this is a maximizes usage by keeping it at 80% so you'll be always using yoursamsung galaxy phone partsoff the battery and it just keeps it at 80% and you can also just use the turbo fast charging and it just stretches your phone so we have two options we could choose from right there you can also learn more about the mods and everything which is really cool so yeah that's it for the turbo turbo power pack