Novusphere Is Standardizing Censorship Resistance With Unstoppable Content Sharing

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Novusphere Is Standardizing Censorship Resistance With Unstoppable Content Sharing
YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit have long placed restrictions on users, but Novusphere platforms allow freedom of expression on the blockchain
(November 2018) Censorship has long been a delicate topic amidst the global public who has an on again off again relationship with major content-sharing platforms like YouTube, Reddit, and others. In an ideal world, those platforms would enable the sharing of content between users without arbitrarily imposed censorship laws that are often based on the private interests of corporations and malicious government regimes.

However, as is well known by now, the world's biggest content-sharing platforms are rife with corruption and censorship tactics. Novusphere is a blockchain-based content sharing architecture that allows users to create unstoppable and censorship-resistant communities far from the reach of centralizing forces. Using Novusphere, content-sharing economies are created by a positive feedback loop of viewers, content-creators, requestors, bounty hunters, and judges.

Platforms such as YouTube incentivize the creation of original content by allowing users to monetize their channels. However, the content within the channel must be YouTube approved, and the platform itself takes a massive chunk of the revenue stream. Novusphere, by contrast, places no limits on content creation and doesn't stand between content creators and their viewers. Instead, Novusphere facilitates the sharing of content and does not in any way control it.

On a practical level, the way it works is simple. ATMOS is the Novusphere's native cryptocurrency and is the base unit of monetary exchange between viewers and creators. As a content creator, a user decides what type of content to create and at what cost it can be accessed. Viewers can then pay to watch the content, or if it is free, view it without the expenditure of ATMOS.

If a viewer wants something specific, they can create a bounty on the Novsuphere community outlining the type of content they want to see created and how much they are willing to pay for it in ATMOS. Bounty hunters who are capable of creating the requested content accept the bounty, fulfill it, and have the work rated by viewers who determine if it fulfills the specifications of the bounty or not.

In effect, Novusphere communities are self-governed and centered around the fungible and anonymous ATMOS token. By holding ATMOS, users have governance rights to the Novusphere. Protocol-wide changes must first take place with 10% of the ATMOS supply participating and a majority consensus decision is required to effect a yes or no.

Novusphere is built atop the high-performance EOS blockchain and uses IPFS for off-chain decentralized storage of content. With the entire Novusphere infrastructure relying upon decentralized tools, the impossibility of censorship on any Novusphere-platform becomes apparent. The self-affirming economic model and decentralized governance provided by the ATMOS token enable blockchain's first true competitor to the centralized, censorship-happy platforms the world has come to have an uneasy relationship with.

In the future, the people will decide what content has value in a sustainable and mutually beneficial environment provided by Novusphere.

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