Novusphere's Token Based Economy Is Decentralizing the Web

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Novusphere is creating a token-based economy wherein users can participate in and have a direct hand over the entire content cycle from creation to consumption and beyond.

The way the Novusphere model differs from existing content-creation cycles at places like YouTube, Quora, and Reddit has everything to do with incentivization on a peer-to-peer level. Whereas YouTube users interface with a platform that forces them to abide by strict regulations and censorship rules, Novusphere users are able to generate limitless content that is unstoppably censorship-resistant.

###The Web Is Centralized, but It Doesn't Have to Be

Depending on which country you're surfing the web from, it may appear more censored or less censored. If you're behind the Great Firewall in China, then you're experiencing a limitation regarding where you can go, what you can do, and what you can say online.

But, don't get so comfy from your American, British, or Dutch internet connection, either. All countries enforce rules on what content can and can't go online to some extent or another. Moreover, it isn't only countries that do the limiting -- in fact, the most prominent censoring mechanisms are put in place by private organizations.

In 2007, Egyptian free-speech activist Wael Abbas had his YouTube account and videos deleted after he made posts documenting police brutality of unarmed civilians and fraudulent voting stations that supported the harsh Mubarak presidency.

What is less obvious are the constant requests, with over half of them approved, from private interests to Google that certain content be removed from their services.

Google and Facebook have " access over 3/4 of all internet traffic," creating a web-monopoly in which two entities have an ultimate say in what goes and what doesn't when it comes to content and, ultimately, free expression.

###Novusphere Is Putting the Web Back In Your Hands

Instead of creating more tools that work in tandem with the current hegemonic forces deteriorating web-based content, Novusphere has gone in the opposite direction, building tools for web-based freedom.

Using the decentralized EOS blockchain as its base, Novusphere is making a token-based economy that puts users at the center of the decision-making processes regarding the creation and governance of content.

With the ATMOS cryptocurrency token, users are incentivized to produce requested content or rewarded for their original content by viewers. In a content ecosystem using the Novsuphere, there are four powerful roles for users to inhabit: viewers, requestors, bounty hunters, and judges.

Viewers enjoy and reward content but become requestors when they seek content that isn't readily available. They post a request along with an amount in ATMOS as the bounty for fulfilling it. Bounty hunters then produce the content and viewers becomes judges to determine if the content meets the bounty's standards.

All content in a Novsuphere cycle is user-generated, user-evaluated, and censorship-resistant since it is all kept and maintained on a blockchain and decentralized file storage provided by IPFS.

The future of the decentralized web is now, and censorship-happy platforms' days are numbered.

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