Real Censorship Happening On All Other Social Media Platforms

in #censorshiplast year (edited)

Hi guys,
It’s been a while and I’ll cut down to the chase here.

I truly now finally experienced the feeling of being censored and held ransom to mega huge social media platforms whom entrepreneurs like me are even having to pay adverts for to get our eye balls on our content -BECAUSE these sites are one of the biggest search engines in the world and truthfully, this upsets me - I can’t even fathom it.

I can’t even begin to explain what has been happening over the course of the past month - and I can only ask if you personally want to find out, just head over to my account on Instagram Jassica Nia - and just check out what’s been happening to this independent media called London Real - and how Brian Rose, the founder’s videos on Covid 19 and conspiracy theorist David Icke has been taken down from Youtube, David Icke’s Facebook accounts been deleted from Facebook and any one of us part of the London Real Army who has hash tagged London Real, or David Icke will be shadow banned ourselves on Instagram.

The reason why I am posting this is because I realized truly the degree of control these “authorities” have over all of us - of what and how censorship really is all about. You know that government censorship ? Where they can throw you in jail if you say something against the government?
Well this is all happening on a level of digital media where these platforms have the ability to cut you off if you “misbehave”. Yes. Just do the “right” thing. No. Don’t even talk about what shouldn’t be spoken about... just like the good old days back in 1900s... That’s right, good girl, ok now, your account will be fine.”

And you know what’s the scariest thing? I fear there comes a time when governments can have the right to just cut off our right to do certain things like travel, to purchase essentials for example - when we don’t do obey by certain rules - to have complete control over our finances because everything is controllable over a click of a button - the cashless society. I fear there comes a time when we have to take a particular vaccine to get certain “rights” - check Bill Gates.

Right now, as of the time of typing this, the fair truth is, I don’t even quite know what to do with all of this. I don’t know if this is even the right thing to do, as I know information is forever stored within the platform. But now I truly appreciate this about platforms like Steemit, and I really appreciate that we can’t be censored. Unless one wants to risk looking stupid and a rational practical, human being “should” likely be wise, BUT you have Free speech. You can’t be censored and I want to share the fact that, right now, the right to Freedom of Expression and Free Speech is the most amazing right we can have in this world.

This is so especially when you are disseminating controversial information that are truly of value and importance, the ability to voice out what you think is right because there is something seemingly so wrong about the society’s “seemingly” fair rules of conduct, when there is probably even something especially dark and sinister happening behind the scenes of Covid 19, government troops, and the backings of all these famously known digital media which you and I probably can’t even begin to believe.

I just thank the fact that these platforms now exist. Moving forward, I am not sure what my call of action will be as yet with the mindblowingly whirlwind of deplatforming And deleting of accounts happening on Facebook and censorship .. however, one thing for sure, the War of Information is real. And the thing is this has been happening throughout time - right underneath our noses.

Censorship is real.

Control, is bloody real.

Now what we gonna do about that moving forward - is a gold of a question.