COLLAGE: Distorsiones y conciencias

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Solitario, suspendido y amoral. Delator de verdades y reflejo de mi distorsión. Despoja a Isis de tu magia y déjame conocer lo sublime. Quiero entrar, querido. Sé más que un oído de palabras mudas, siempre sin juicios y siempre callado, y quema de una vez por todas tu disfraz de hielo.

Revela tus secretos…

Fotografía: Rafael Mesa
Modelo: Daniela Cáceres
Collage: Mariam Sáez


I love the combination of black and white with colour, I use it a lot in my collages too😊 Just a suggestion, it would be very good for you if you can write the text in English also. I know that maybe it is hard but it will help your artworks get more attention 😊

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Heey, George!! I'm glad you liked the collage :) And I think you may be right, I should start publishing in English too.

Thanks again for your tips, George, they're so very useful. :)

Yes i think it would be better:) You are very welcome, i am happy that i helped:)

But just a quick question: if I post in English, what hashtags should I use?

You should put tags like #collage @artzone @art-venture @ocd-resteem @c-squared. Those will be helpful for your artworks😊

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Oooook. Thank you so much (again) ;)

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