Facebook and other social media are not worth!! Welcome to Steemit.

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Facebook and other social media have been stealing our Information, They have been selling our Privacy and making money by selling us. We got nothing in return, but wasted our time.

I realized this after joining Steemit.


Facebook and other social media have the largest number of data of people.
They know what we like, what we do, our attitudes, ect.

When we check in some place, through facebook, the next thing you see is a advertisement on your wall.
When ever a company wants your information, they approach the social media.
They sell you.

Think about this, you updated your personal information on facebook or any other platform. You think it matters to your friends? they already know about you. (If they have been your real friend and not just virtual friend.)
It's for the social media to acquire your data and sell it.

Your posts about a place, experience, check ins, e.t.c are constantly monitored by them.
They know how you will react to a situation.

"You can connect with friends"
Yes i agree, for that whatsapp is a better option.

Whats soo great about Steemit.?
I give you a task,
Post on one of the social media saying, you need help, a financial help.
Well, i'll tell you what, you'll receive a lot of likes for sure. :D

Now ask the steem community for help.
They will do everything they can. ( We believe the trust is not broken, and the help is really required, not for your personal leisure.)

The community helped him with his medical expanses. (We Hope you are doing good brother.)

"This is a BlockChain"
Yes! "yes it is".
But its no different than any other social media, but way better and much better.

**IF you had to spend the same amount of time liking, posting, commenting, on Steemit, rather than those social media, You'd make your living and a lot of money.(Nothing comes easy, hard work is genuine)
(steemit will help me fund my educaton . :) )

So will you invite your loved ones in the community full of hope and love?
I will.

There are many people ready to help the new comers, like
#Redfish community.
And many more.

Share ..

Thanks for dropping by,
Upvote(it helps me in every bit)


steemit is the rising rocket :)

agreed brother..

definitely, and i want to take the opportunity to give the admin for shout up, their activities keep steemit really fun and they did a good job bring piece by piece together.


Yes. I agree with you! I hate Facebook and other social media very much as they are using our information to earn a lot of money but never ask our permission! It is unacceptable! Especial facebook, there are fewer and fewer freedom on it. They block many topic that are about political! For example, the block hong kong page when they do something talking about china politics!

they do it for their gains...

As the saying goes, everything has a price. If you aren't paying to use it, and you aren't making money doing it, then YOU are the commodity being sold. Steemit makes this contrast with Facebook more obvious every day I'm on it.

You would not believe how hard it it to get people to understand this simple concept.

Thanks for reading..

The only time I have gone on facebook since joining steemit is to connect with other steemit users lol! There is no point in posting anything there, other than maybe a link to get more people to steemit. You're completely right!

That is exactly the point. Everybody who check that, will not return there :) And so we are on the victory path ★

haha.. i had left using facebook years back. now there only to post and check other steemians

Little do they know they are being used to promote a better social media ;)

yeah man ,steemit is and will be always amazing :)

Nice article . Well written and some points to other social media outside from here which are simple a waste of time .

yes. Thanks for reading.

I hate facebook, its just pointless, its a breeding ground for online bullies and the content posted on it is pure rubbish, and youre right they just take all your content and sell it for their own gains, screw them I'm not adding anymore content to them!

Great post! Upvoted and followed!

Thanks for the follow.
Hope you like my future contents.
Will work hard to bring great stuffs.

Im a particular hater of facebook, so was definetly a good read.

I hate it too

Hi @manishmike10, there can never be enough posts to inform everyone of the power of the steemit community. Great work

Thank you, and you are correct.
Do upvote, it helps me. :)

Nice post. Other social media for most of people is wasting your time. Steemit is literally investing and working for getting education, help, and money.

@manishmike10, nice post you have here. Keept it up.

thank you.. :) looking for that extra exposure..

Such a good post ! So true as well . Ever since I became active on steemit , I'm almost never on FaceBook.

I can't argue any of your points.
Resteemed and upvoted.

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