My chaincoin advice is outdated, I no longer support investing in it as the movement behind it turned out to be short lived.

As for Ethereum, it's looking very good. I in fact got some today because I think it's going to break through all time high.

As an investor though I generally stick with smaller cap coins. Ethereum needs 35 billion extra to double, but something like NEO will double with as little as 2 billion extra investment. In some cases, a couple of million will do it.

So I see Ethereum is a safer pick but also with a lower profit percentage possible. Ethereum will definitely go up in the future, but it may not go 100x like some smaller coins will.

What do you think about the potential of master nodes of others Altcoins?
or just simply select a few Altcoins with small cap and see if money will go into them?

I would not recommend either of those choices. Usually the masternode coins which are promising for the future will be worth a lot of money so it will be out of reach to get a masternode for ordinary people.

Any masternode that is cheap enough to get, is usually for a coin that is not likely to go anywhere in the future.

I am assuming you like masternode coins because they give residual income, and in which case I would like to point you to some other coins which provide income/dividend for holding them which do have a future.

  • NEO provides you with GAS for holding it which you can sell
  • OMG pays part of the transaction fees on the network to it's token holders
  • TenX pays part of the transaction fees made by the cards to it's token holders
  • There are also a bunch of decentralized exchanges coming up with their own coins which pay dividends for holding them: Binance, WCX, SAFEX are some of them. You can actually get 50 free WCX tokens by signing up here btw:

I would take a pick from those options. All of them should do payouts regardless of how many you own. My favorite atm is NEO.

My advice is to steer away from any coin that is not in the top 30 if you are new. If you are intermediate, you may want to try out coins that rank lower for more profit all the way down to 60-70. But beyond position 60 in the top 100, there is a LOT LOT LOT LOT of projects that sound great but will likely not be adopted and fade into obscurity. Don't take it with a grain of salt when people say these are HIGH HIGH risk.

P.S. I expect pretty much all of the top 30 coins to survive in the future and probably be worth more than today.Can't say the same for beyond the top 30.

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