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As you said, ChainCoin does have some seriously untapped opportunity and value, albeit missed value but it is there nonetheless. ChainCoin is where Dash got the X11 algo. ChainCoin has nearly every feature as dash, except NO PREMINE.
Not to mention that the ChainCoin Community is an absolutely Model Community in this Contentious and Divided Crypto Community. Its very understandable that this is a coin "dusted of the shelf" as you said, and I think, in time, it will become a shooting star for sure.
If people don't realize this coin's potential, timing, or use cases, that will be their missed opportunity. Patience & Timing.
Great Article!



Thank you.
Thank you for your input and for your support.

I bought into CHC because it worked. Residual Income. You get something you can use right now. That is why I got into Crypto, because of the Technology side and because it was New and Fresh.. Secure my Families Future.

Then came this huge Community swing and Boooom... We all got warm inside for the 1st time in Crypto.

If we clean up the bad PR, Get rid of the Band wagoners, Get the community on the same page Focused and working as one but spread out just like the Masternodes.
The System Fundamentally is a Community by Design.
Chaincoin has attracted many "Shady" individuals who just want to jump on the train and are shining a negative light on the Community that has been behind it from the start. I think Max wants the best outcome for everyone, but he should be willing to work WITH everyone or at least help Connect the dots for us. Many people want to help in Big ways.

Communication is the key.
Open Source Baby. If I had the Skills to help in Dev I would not Sleep....

Not sure how this reply ended up this long, but Thank you for listening!!

I still have all my CHC.. 2051. lol Split 1 node with my Father.

You have to Believe to Achieve. :)

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