And the journey begins... My side of the Chain coin Movement

in #chaincoin4 years ago (edited)

Its Me Random Tandems from youtube.

Lets build this community and act as a single collective!!! Follow me and i will keep you all updated.

I will create a post with my side of how the CHC movement started and provide some screenshots to show my dedication to. I will start up with how it started and keep it up to date with how we are going.


Thank you for being true to our community and supporting it 24/7. Peace, Love & United we stand✊

Random Tandems does not represent anything to me but oppression and blind obedience towards this now cultist cause to make a profit no matter who they step on. I was very active in the streams. And was banned for only putting my opinions about how the price would fall. and advised if u believe in CHC to sell and then buy at the low.. i was banned.. and my statement was shown to be true. Random if you choose to push out critism rather than learn from it, it creates a very toxic place.. which is a shame. It was such a good community in the beginning, cheers!

i dont recall ever banning you, that idea you mentioned is exactly what I wanted, it was probably late at night and one of the mods banned you, I've removed their wrenches, unbanned the banned and stopped the 24h if im not there.

Keep on fighting the good fight!!!

Thank you my Good man!! STeemit will help you generate a steady income if you keep posting and sharing. You can just POST YOUR VIDEO's from Youtube on STeemit!!!

Get Busy Baby!!!!

Upvoted Resteemed and Followed!!!!

Welcome to Steem Community @randomtandemsyt! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Lookin forward to more good vibes~

Welcome to the platform!

Much Respect bro. Changing the crypto game.

Thank you bro :) ur always there :)

RANDOM is AWESOME! Go ChainCoin Hodlers!

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ChainCoin? doing big things around here....

Upvoted and followed. Good luck with the steemit!

Radom is legit! I love your stream dude keep doing it, fuck the haters.

its been a long 2 weeks but we still going strong dude !!!!! HODL

Welcome to Steem @randomtandemsyt I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to steemit brother, this site will help you keep track of your steem power

yea bruh! united we stay strong!

Thank you mate for all the advice, time and effort. Fight the power!!!

Good to see you finally using steemit!

Fight the good fight brother your a beast

Hey RT. Greetings from Milton Keynes UK. MJ aka Vibester from Universal Vibes TV here. Nuff respect for keeping the candle burning and the plates spinning for the CHC community as the journey continues. We'll definitely have to link up in the near future as things progress. Big up!

BOOM you hear now whats NEXT?

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Thank you random, it means a lot! Love to spend the night with you on chc! ;-)

I appreciate what you have done for the community. This was the first coin I've ever invested in and I can't think of a better time to do it. The support to get this kicked off was excellent and Iearned so much watching the charts as you and the group explained things. Thanks for the time you have already dedicated along with the rest of the group! I'm new to all this including steemit. I just got my masternode set up an staying in Chaincoin for the long haul. I think I just lucked out on my first coin choice!

Up & Followed!

Keep going strong mate - its a battle out there

Thanks for all that you do!


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keep updating it guys .... sorry cant be more active in Discord group .....

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