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RE: ChainCoin (CHC) - The Cheapest Masternode Coin - Residual income - Resistent to Bitcoin price swings

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Interesting. About the master nodes... how do you arrive at $6,000? Can you explain the math behind that? Seems like a good wad of cash to roll every month... something that everyone might want to consider getting in on.


Currently earnings at $0.70 per CHC are $1.66 last I checked. If the price per CHC were to arrive at, say, $100 that would be a 143x increase. If daily income is $1.66 that would also increase since it is paid out in CHC, which would come to approximately $6000. That is, of course on the high end. On the other side, Dash was $200 each not long ago, and that is very similar to this coin and also has masternodes.

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