ChainCoin and HighOnCoins should be treated as separated entities

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Hi Everyone,

Please show some respect for ChainCoin official team and people that are still true hodlers as well as investors that got into ChainCoin without even knowing about our movement.

Here are two important points we would like to share with you:

  1. Chaincoin and HighOnCoins should be treated as separated entities.

  2. CHC momentum is NOT at all gone. There is significant development happening with the dev team on their official slack as well as the marketing team. Exciting brand development and infrastructure improvements planned (no details to give out officially yet) that will enable things such as charity nodes to be done by the community with ease. The website is a huge change from what we had before and so is the upcoming roadmap: That alone could possibly help regain the platform’s value.

*** is not a new group. It is the official ChainCoin slack group as seen on their website It has been around before the ChainCoin Hodlers movement started.

You can join here to see new updates and anyone is welcome to help out with any skills you can bring to the table. Just please be respectful. Thanks!

Peace, Love & United we Stand ✊

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Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to Community. We are not the same group of people as HOC, but we are the same community that wants the best for everyone and Chaincoin.
Thank you for sharing!!

Great post! The diversity of the ChainCoin community and devs is a strength and massive success. This is too big for one person to carry.

Great post. I really think you brought up an important topic. Chc and hoc, are great entities which in many areas work towards the same goal, but in others the philosophy differs.

HOC did revive the chc dev, but chc has acquired a strong team, and soon I am sure that it will be obvious to everyone that they would have been able to stand on their own two legs, but they never will be forced to stand alone.

It's a long journey ahead, who knows what will happen, but looking at what has been accomplished so far, I believe this is the start of something big.

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