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I'm going to make this a short first post.

I am a full-time painter, primarily working in acrylics & oil paints. More so lately I have been collaborating with many different artists, content creators, designers in clothing/jewelry/digital art and more. The potential to expand my work and be able to share and create with others online or in person is too incredible to not be on as many platforms as possible that I feel are worth my time. I joked on Facebook recently about "wishing to get paid per like on posts of my artwork", it got a lot of attention and a lot of awesome feedback! Many people suggested getting into Crypto related platforms and yes I've heard of Steemit before and had been wanting to try it but I fell out of the Crypto world for the past 2 years. I used to do quite a few Crypto-related events in Austin, Texas where I'm originally from (now living in Colorado) and I was extremely passionate about it. Back in it now, still having my wallets and a little bit of Crypto I kinda forgot about.
I recently dived deep back into it, finding new coins (to me) like Chainlink and Tezos - also buying more Ethereum. Nerding
out on Twitter, Facebook groups, reading articles and listening to podcast/Youtube videos. I'm having a fucking blast.

Below are some of my paintings I have done "live" at music festivals/events and the comfort of my studio space.

Here are some social media links I use often:
Twitter: @_elainealonzo
Instagram: @ elainealonzo
My website: www.elainealonzo.com
(I would love to be able to receive Crypto on there one day but for now, if there's something you're interested in, just message me!)
& one more I just joined yesterday: Somee.social: Elaine-alonzo

The Color of Love copy2.jpeg


Welcome to Steem, your artworks look amazing and the platform is the best place for artists to present their art and be rewarded for their hard work:)

Hey there awesome artist chick. Oh, love your art and your colorful pants.

Your art is absolutely amazing! 😍 Welcome to SteemIt!😊

Welcome elaine-alonzo!
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Welcome to steemit @elaine-alonzo.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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these are supercool! Cant wait to see more! Welcome to steemit : ) its genna be fun x x

Oh wow, these are crazy amazing full stop welcome to our world. I really hope you share lots of your work. There are a lot of creative time on this platform. I am sure you will fit right in.

Thank you so much! I'm very excited to be in this world! I have so much to share and am grateful for the opportunity! <3

Welcome to steem man. Steem blockchain is so much more than the steemit front end as you will find out.

If your looking stbthe best steem frontend check out steempeak it has so many features that steemit will never have.

You can find out all kinds blockchain and account info at steemworld.

I am not sure if you have saw tribes yet but they have different from end as well like weedcash.network upfund.me you can find more on steem-engine.

Any more information feel free to comment man. P.s you a stoner at all? 😀

Wow. Awesome. Welcome. I am an Artist here too.

awesome! following ::))

You work is super ultra beautiful and otherworldly and makes me not want to even bother using words to describe :-D. I when people like you find this place :-). Please stick around and enjoy the ride


This looks awesome. Not what I usually would go for, but still they look stunning. I'm waiting to see some amazing pieces from you and hoping I can expand my taste i nart :)

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