30 Days Challenge Fall 2018 - Day Twenty Nine: The Extra Weight You're Carrying

As I'm approaching the end of this challenge, things are starting to fall into their designated places, so to speak. I have only 2 days left, and one of them is almost gone. Just one more post left, after I'll publish this one.

If I look back I find it hard to believe that, just less than one month ago, I was living in another city, in another country. So many things happened, so many images overlapped, so many actions were taken in such a short amount of time. It really feels distant now.

And, along with this distance, another feeling, more subtle, is starting to settle in. I can't really explain it: it's a sort of easiness, not in the sense of being lighter, but as there is not too much weight around to carry.

Sometimes, we get so used with whatever we're carrying with us, that we're not aware of it anymore. We're simply taking it for granted: "Yeah, I'm carrying this weight, so what... It always has been like that."

And then, if, by some mysterious process, we get rid of that weight, we don't believe we carried it with us for so long...

I'm not talking about situations when you consciously impose difficulties unto yourself, like when you're training for a marathon, for instance. When you do that, you assume that role, you control the weight and you can play with it. It's hard, it's an extra layer of difficulty that you choose to take with you, but it's conscious. No, I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about all that stuff that we're taking upon us unconsciously.

For instance, one of these things that I started to identify as "unnecessary weight", since I'm here, is that I always thought living involves a certain amount of suffering and complaining. I always felt that the "light times" were only respites. Being happy was an anomaly. Pleasurable events were situations that we enjoyed with apprehension, exceptions that we're very well aware they will vanish soon.

As I distance myself from the context in which I lived until now, I realized there was a certain collective vibe that was feeding this unconscious behavior. I'm sorry if I will offend some of my friends back in Romania, but the overwhelming majority of people in my circle back there were not only sad, but they seemed somehow addicted to their sadness. I remember how we often found joy, together, in complaining about politics, like this was something given, unchangeable, like a curse.

I'm here only for a few weeks, but this specific vibe is starting to fade out, and the weight that it generated, and that I carried with me for decades, is starting to dissolve. Looking at my social media feed which is still populated by people in my former place (I didn't have time to connect with new people, so far) I can see this extremely clear. To the point that I simply stopped to look at it, but not with anger or regret. Nope, I simply discarded it like an extra weight, like an unnecessary layer of pressure that I was self-inflicting, unconsciously, for decades.

And now, in the place where that weight was, something different is starting to build. It's not a different weight (hopefully), but more like a flow that starts to develop, a new perspective, simpler and lighter.

That doesn't mean there won't be any difficulties, from now on, I'm well aware of that. It just means that the ones I was so accustomed to, so deep that I was taking them for granted, are slowly disappearing.

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Awesome to hear my friend. These 29 days have been good for you :)

Classic song "The Weight"

Good decision you made man. A Re-start is always good in order to find what you are looking for.
Hope you can find the happiness at your new location.

Thanks, mate, appreciated :)

As you said,I think I'm gonna try to find ways to reduce such unnecessary weight as suffering and complaining.

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