Is crypto massive adoption a panacea to poverty rate??

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Is crypto massive adoption a panacea to poverty rate??
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Weeks ago, I had so many issues ringing in my brain, of which of course, money is the solution to all problems, and I thought of trading some of my got to a situation where by I settled half of the bills and was still worried about the rest

And I thought of people who had nothing to revive there spirit, people who had no money to invest, people that invested at the wrong time and got stucked by the dip.....

To me, I think massive adoption of crypto should be encouraged expecially in the developing countries, like Nigeria, Ghana etc
The problem of crypto recently is not been able to invest due to poverty rate....but what about people that have inbuilt potentials like writing

There are alot of block chain industries, that gives room for real post, write ups and poem and get rewarded in crypto after been curated, this will also serve as a reward for passion and reduce idleness, you meet and interact with new people....there is a certain block chain..the challenge app....which gives rewards by challenging people on block chain so simple and easy.....blockchain is actually the best place for meeting and interacting with new people and yet you still make it by cooking valuable post

Invite someone to the block chain and let's eradicate poverty from Africa

Crypto massive adoption is really a panacea to poverty rate