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RE: 100 users in 24 hours Challenge! (Win 1,000 CHL!)

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Please stop incentivizing spamming and farming with trash posts to promote your app.
Community is fuming!


Get a life a quit being a little hater! Our team has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars building a cutting edge decentralized app. And we have spent thousands of dollars in Steem power to reward people who post about the project. What have you done to progress the crypto space? Besides being a sideline sally crying and spam. Go build something go do something other than being a sideline sally trying to hold other projects back! The Crypto space needs more doers and fewer haters!

Nothing against your app.
The problem is that you have incentivized and rewarded mass low quality post spamming. 99% of the posts that you have rewarded are posts belong to one scam group. Particularly one scammer Sujon Khan and his buddies.
They have their own Facebook group where they teach each other about any new possibility of exploiting Steemit through creating scam accounts that steal identities (or use identity deception), plagiarise content and spam with attempt to farm rewards. Just as they did with you freebies.
They recently have created another wave of new accounts as soon as they discovered your freebies and started spamming with these low quality spam posts that promote your tokens.
Just go through all these accounts and you see for yourself the evident, plain connection and pattern (despite obvious wallet transfer to the same account to cash out).
I think that you have entered into Steemit with a wrong idea on how to promote your tokens. That's why the reaction from the community.
The amount fo downvotes that you have received from the community on your posts and posts that you have upvoted says something about the reception on Steemit.