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Hello friends how are you all hope i'm so good today i got another new challenge that i got in the challenge with @mdasasulhaqu.Yes.

In fact, despite many challenges in the past, I couldn't really join the challenge due to my problems and lack of time, but now I really like my own photography to take on the full Ready Challenge, so I'm very excited to take this challenge.This friend actually challenged photography so I took history because I would read a lot of photography that people like very much.Now see who will win.

Friends it is very greatful app.But aslo when you got any problem you just knowing the problem @citimillz @ackza @chaceeskam to this people.
When you open the app and promote it you will get $2 upvote from our app owner and get some chlp token i steem engine.
What is CHLP:
It's a eos pegged token and the basic currency of the challenge app, where users get rewarded with after a task, Currently tradable at different exchanges.
It's listed on any like in the eos platform and on steem-engine.With this app you will be able to take on challenges with each other for fun and make the most of using this app.
Join our discord:

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Thanks for promoting the Challenge App! @priyo022 you should be proud to be an early adopter of Challengeeos man.

Thank you so much for your valuable support.

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