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Hi guys,how are you all?hope you are all i will share with you about a app.its name is challengedapp.

When i making a challenge.its a really to apps for create challenge.i like this app.

Today i create a challenge @rachelrachel. When my challenge is done,this is a confirmation.
when you got any problem you just knowing the problem @citimillz @ackza @chaceeskam to this people.
When you open the app and promote it you will get $2 upvote from our app owner and get some chlp token i steem engine.
What is CHLP:
It's a eos pegged token and the basic currency of the challenge app, where users get rewarded with after a task, Currently tradable at different exchanges.
It's listed on any like in the eos platform and on steem-engine.With this app you will be able to take on challenges with each other for fun and make the most of using this app.
Join our discord:

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Thanks! Also thanks for dopping into our telegram channel and saying hi! Our community loves it to see and hear about the ways people are using challengeeos!

Ok brother.thank you so much.take love.

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