Something I'll talk about challengedac app and I've made my fourth challenge today

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Something I'll talk about challengedac app and I've made my fourth challenge today


You can now use this app as before by posting 200 to 300 wards and a quality problem. No problem just don't spam.
A few days ago challengedac posted a spam alert you can see those posts I have given the link below

Spam alert post link


My 4th challenge challengedac app.

Since my chp is low I have now made the challenge of just 2 chp.Two of them will have this challenge and after this challenge I will create many more channels less often

You also create challenges like me and participate in my challenges.If you do not approve the post, you will get a downvote.
Now a long time the user has lost people I do not know Minimum 250 word writing is the post they approve, so I posted myself after a long time.

They posted on their Disco Dancer Steamit account officially. You can see that post if you want.

At present my Reputation Crystal I have not been working for a long time since it was a problem.
Don't know whether to downvote this post.

I withdraw chp token like my eos wallet 200.It has steem engine list you can trade steem engine if you want.

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All screenshots were taken from some challengedac app and some from the steemit platform.for post purpose

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