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Muh dude might have an interest in doing this, though, we may lack the tech items/prowess needed to do such a thing. He is definitely a "Maverick". I will try to find you on Dischord. Thanks for posting this and thanks to @friendly-fenix for leading us here.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I have looked at the YT, thank you, and cannot find much regarding general political views, etc.

I am, to be honest, also concerned about the referrers name Shaman-Ra, which is, according to my research a combination of pagan shamanism (demonic in its roots), and worship of the sun-god Ra, Anaki in its roots. Neither are compatible with my allegiance to Jesus Christ, who is my healer, the way and the light.

Again, thank you.

He picked the name cuz the name he wanted was taken but, it is ok. You would realize how political he is by reading our blog. Also, Christianity is ripped straight from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. We do know our history, right? Also, he is out there doing god's work. The art is a part of it. The warning folks about certain things is a part of it. But, yeah, he is too busy anyway. It takes a full day everyday to do what he does already, so thanks for checking it out. Much love.

Just as well I am not subscribing to any religion. I am a follower of Christ, who preceded the book of the dead.

The roots referred to here are outlined in Gen 6:1-4, and expanded on in 1 Enoch. Careful what to align with.

All the best.

Familiar with the Book of Enoch and Thomas, thank you. This convo is over. You have not demonstrated being a follower of the Christ. Christ was a homeless nomad who went out of his way to help and inform people. If you have material security but, desire even more, that isn't following the Christ. Most Christians are inadvertently duped into practicing Satanism. You do realize, of course, the Vatican was infiltrated by Satanists and they completely changed the Bible? The Bible is the book of Satan. They added the Book of Revelation. Not as prophecy but, as a plan. They are currently carrying out that plan. Have fun with that...

Good luck to you. Suggest a thorough reading of the v short book of Juda, which seem to apply to your response. Sad.

On another note:

Hosea 4:6

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

Sorry I hope I don't step on anyones toes here @globocop...

I am looking for a person that is engaged, dynamic, pro-liberty, history-aware, and most importantly, a Maverick.

Maybe you should add all the other prerequisites for the position, like christian etc, into that text to make the application process less degrading for the applicant, this way people will not perceive you as a power trippin angry doorman at fancy night club, or something....

Just my two 00.02 SBD's...

Cheers and good luck with your show!


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