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CharityCurator Presents: @steemchurch

Steemchurch is a page on the Steem Blockchain which is aimed at promoting Christianity and sharing loving through the hard work of their 'apostles'. As they put it themselves, they are 'The First ever Church of the Blockchain'. They continue to share positive information from The Bible which can help people with guidance, direction and love. They are doing God's work!

Taken from @steemchurch page

They have already successfully created some branches and denomincations of their work, which we can already see for ourselves on the @steemit blockchain!




Their work is being promoted and shared through the work of their amazing apostles. We have already been making good friends with some of them and are working together to really push the helpful, loving and charitbale content into people's awareness. Those amazing people are as follows: (there are many more yet we haven't yet had the privilege of meeting them!)






We have mentioned previously that we are supporting their work: @steemchurch, @sc-v, @sc-g & @sc-n through upvoting their content and thus aiming to financially support them as we @charitycurator believe in the work that they are doing and want to support it! We thought that we would go the extra mile today and do a post raising awareness for the work that they do!


Thank you so much for reading, please go and follow their pages to show them some support!

HOW TO SUPPORT @charitycurator

Our mission @charitycurator is "To Raise 100 People Above The Poverty Line On The STEEM Blockchain". This is done by giving them $10 worth of upvotes / day on content that they upload on Steemit.

If our mission resonates with you and would like to get on board and support, here's how you can help:


1. Upvote @charitycurator content:

Upvoting our content allow us to gain more STEEM Power. Having more SP allows us to work towards our goal of 2.5M SP and thus being able to give charitable content the financial help that they need.

Even better could be adding us to your auto-voter on @steemauto so you never miss upvoting content that we post!

2. Join the @charitycurator SteemAuto Curation Trail:

We ask that you join our Curation Trail so that we can make a greater impact, together! The Trail is simply named: @charitycurator.

Here is a quick overview of @steemauto if you aren't aware of it.

@mahdiyari built a project to provide automation of curation on Steemit, called @steemAuto. One of the base features on this platform is a 'Curation Trail'. What this does is essentially you can copy the up voting of another user, compiling many users together would thus form a curation trail. What I would like to bring to the table is our @charitycurator based curation trail, thus allowing many Steemit users to come together and upvote content from pages such as @sc-v and @sc-g

This is our favourite part, the @steemauto curation trail allows us to automate the curation so that we never miss out on an opportunity to help!

3. Delegate SP to @charitycurator

This is a very generous thing that you can do. We are aware that every little helps, therefore we accept all quantities of delegations. Here are some links for you below:

Or, you can head directly to our page and delegate there!

4 ReSteem our posts!

With any project on the STEEM blockchain, exposure is paramount. More eyes on the work means more potential help that we can generate together here at @charitycurator. If you have supported the project and feel that you can do no more, perhaps someone else can who is following you. By ReSteem-ing our work allows those people to see our work as well and also become potential supporters in the future! We would massively appreciate this!


Feel free to comment below, let us know what you think!





Special thanks to you friends of @charitycurator for this noble gesture. We consider them our allies in this struggle for the freedom and love of humanity.

Ceo/ @emiliocabrera


You are welcome, more freedom!

Thanks to you @charitycurator, for your constant support, we are promoting integration, and solidarity among all of us who make up this beautiful community, welcome to our family, family of love, of the kingdom. We will leave legacies to the next generations.


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You are welcome, I am glad that we can support you!

Thank you @charitycurator for your support to the @Steemchurch community. We at steemchurch will not rest until the love of Christ is shared to all.

You are welcome! Fantastic!

It is a very generous project, we could say that it is based on love, I have always tried to support this type of content and what is published in these accounts.

My publications of faith are mostly published with the hashtag #steemchurch and #sc-v, and I would like to continue being involved in this type of projects.

In addition to letting you know that you have my support and that I will join the curaciontrail, I would like to know what I need to do to receive this support that you are giving.

Pr Euclides Villegas

That is very true! Great! Thank you very much!

Post charitbale content!

It is encouraging to know all that steemchurch is doing and the lives that are impacting, I know that many communities came to Steem to be proud of this platform and, @charitycurator is also doing a great job. Thanks for the mention.

Thank you very much, you are welcome!

I would love to join this, how do I go about it?

Which project? Thank you!

It is very nice to see everything that happens here, friends. Health and prosperity

More health and freedom!

It is very nice to be in steemchurch, to feel the warmth of a virtual and spiritual family. God bless @charitycurator for supporting Steem's church

Amazing, thank you!

Thanks for this great post.

You are welcome!

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