Mr. @greenman Vendor Donation list

in #charity4 years ago

This is a post to track the donation made by @greenman to the vendors.

All the donation will be tracked using the google spread sheet located here

Anyone that needs access to edit the spreadsheet please post google account email in the comment section.

All users have the ability to view the data.


Can you explain it? Like second line shows 100 peso what is that? Also last picture yes I gave her 500 pesos but it doesn't qualify as there is no money in picture! Do not count any donations that cannot be audited. Thanks for this great work here might be wise also to look up audit definition and read my instructions twice? I understand we probably have language issue.

Ok. I will change the spreadsheet to only include pics that have money. if you give me your email I will give you edit rights for it.

Saya sangat menyukai posting anda, # hackerwhacker

Nice post