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Walking along the streets and pavements in the major cities of Europe, for example in Paris along the River Seine, a lot of artists with their works can be found. Paintings of all sizes are a feast to look at, a couple of them I remember perfectly on which parts of Paris did i buy them, along the river, infront of Notre Dame and the most expensive of all, a medium-size from Monmarte. A lot of artists abound in this part of the world, but for us tourists, I personally appreciate those I find making a living with their artworks out on the streets.

Learning of a Filipino artist along the streets of Manila is a novelty for me. From the images that were showing how he spent his day painting, to showing his actual works aligned along the pavement with no protection from the elements, one can blatantly see the vibrant colours, reminiscent of some artworks in Europe.

Meet Mr. Edgardo Lam

So Gini, our @aalagenesis shared a post in facebook the other day about edgardo-lam-an-artist-at-the-streets whose artworks can be seen along Padre Faura, near UN avenue. All details we have of him are all in the above post by Gini. Blatantly in need of a bit of support, we hope to be able to share a little with a bit of fundraising for some art materials that he can use.

These are his artworks that he sells also according to the facebook post. As Gini will be visiting him by the end of this month, this will give us a bit of time to raise funds.

The liquid payout of this post will be donated, together with @walkofhope's current sbd, donated previously by @adollaraday. As @flabbergast-art is on leave till March now, what we have on its' wallet can be utilised to help those who wants to earn a living.

We want to thank everyone for the support on this fundraising effort. Cheers!

Disclaimers : all images were from Matthew Gan, with his approval.

@aalagenesis' fundraising post:

Mr. Edgardo Lam

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Hello Immarojas,
Street art is a truly wonderful thing! Actually my father spent some time as a street artist in Paris in the 60's! I hope Mr. Edgardo Lam finds funding for his great art - I love what he does, and you photographed him beautifully!

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The captures are great though they were not mine! Lucky him. He must have a lot of fun doing that. Have you been to Paris? Along the river are rows of medium compartments with their paintings...

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