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Born in 1917 from Kalinga, Mountain Province in the Philippines, she is known as the LAST and OLDEST Tattooist of their tribe, using a citrus thorn, soot and a bamboo hammer. This way of tattooing is the only kind in the country and her tribe believes that her gift is hereditary. As she have no offspring of her own, her works have become a living ART sought after by locals and foreigners alike.

Recognised as a Natural Artist here and abroad, @flabbergast-art for his part, loves to make her his subject.

Funny enough, these were made from his favorite hello kitty pens. As intricate as the colours are, he seems unfazed and makes it so easy to do. But let me say that each button is a mixture of different colours. Making a mistake is a no-no as it's not possible to cover nor erased it.

A drawing of Apo Whang-od by @flabbergast-art on a bamboo wine holder in a craft store in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Livelihood training for @walkofhope is on-hold right now as @flabbergast-art is on leave till he will fly back to Tan-awan, Negros Island come mid-february.


Disclaimer : all images from @flabbergast-art. Footer and button by @bearone

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WOw. Even in her old age, she still look gorgeous and beautiful

She is, doesn't she? Turning 102 this february.

Hello immarojas,
Wow - incredible artwork ... stunningly beautiful!
And your tribe look incredibly cool!!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Hi...am not that lucky with my tribe lols thanks.
Artwork by @flabbergast-art from @walkofhope. Cheers!

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Your drawing skills are second to none!!
I can't immagine what kind of fantastic tatoos she can produce!!

Am sorry, @walkofhope's artist is @flabbergast-art. I can only draw with crayons, even those aren't something to behold😁😁

You can watch her here:

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