The Awesome SMILE Project | We Will Be Making These Kids Smile with Bundles of Joy | Join Us/Support Us!

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All of the SBD rewards of this post gets donated to boost The Awesome Smile Project funds.

Hello Steemit!

This June 2, 2017 we will be launching this Awesome S.M.I.L.E Project in collaboration with a group of Cebu Steemit users with the mission of putting smile on these faces, inspire them and transform their lives. I am personally excited with this event because another humanitarian project powered by Steem takes place again. All thanks to @indayclara and the people behind this amazing project.

The Awesome SMILE Project is my initiative to help children living in poverty, especially the street children here in Cebu, Philippines.

The Story behind The Awesome SMILE Project

This initiative was initiated by @indayclara with an inspiring story before this project was realized. Then opened it up to us, Cebu Steemit users in which we are in full support with this project. A lot of Cebu Steemians have supported this project by SBD/Steem Donations, upvotes, resteems but the target fund is still too far to realize.

Why It was Called The Awesome SMILE Project

As mentioned by @indayclara on her post,

During the encounter I had with the children, they were all about smiles. The smile they have on their face gave me hope. Their smiles were genuine!

A Glimpse of Hope to These Beneficiaries

Your Support will be Very Much Appreciated

Your donations in any kinds ( Sbd | Steem | Upvotes | Resteem ) will be very much appreciated. The target amount and the breakdown of expenses will be seen on @indayclara's post. If you wish to donate, you can directly send your donations to @indayclara or me @jassennessaj and I'll do the transfer for the funds. Rest assured that everything will be documented and liquidated.

Thank you and Have a Wonderful Day!

All photos are from @indayclara's post. She agreed to use it on my blog.


Thanks for posting this reminder, I've been meaning to get behind this project with @YouAreHOPE, and I'll go log into that account now and send you a donation to forward to @IndayClara on our organizations behalf. I will send it through you, as our longest tenured Agent of HOPE since our first effort with steem cebu last october. I will trust you to direct and guide the funds to where they need to be. <3

Having talked to you and @indayclara on the YouAreHOPE discord now, I'll respond to her post directly with the YouAreHOPE account.

Love you bro! Thank you for you awesome support. Will inform @indayclara about it. <3

We are sending a contribution of 150.00 to @indayclara to help you reach your funding goal for this worthy initiative.

@Jassennessaj as someone who helped us form the idea for YAH and as one of our first three Agents of HOPE along with @malos10 and @misterakpan, we are thrilled to see your spirit of giving continue to grow and stand behind you and your group as you proceed with your latest generous mission.

Love you bro,

Thank you so much @youarehope. I'm thrilled as to how the outcome of this humanitarian project will be. No words can express how much thankful we are for the support. Thank you for helping us out, inspiring more kids and let them feel that there's still hope with humanity.

I'm forever grateful,


tremendous project @jassennessaj! I look forward to the time when I'm making something so I can help support this endeavor. God bless you! resteemed.