So I just lost 5.2 steem and it hurts.. I'm so sad

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Happy Valentine's day..

It's been a wonderful day for me and now I'm sad again..

I planned to write a very lengthy post but now the tears built up in my eyes won't allow me see what I'm writing..

I was going to do a transfer to an exchanger account in hopes of getting some more money for my cake for Saturday's event and now I just lost my hard earned steem.

I was meant to send to @steemexchanger and then my phone froze and I sent to @stee, an inactive account
I even sent 0.001 SBD with a memo asking for refund and I discovered the account isn't even active.

I will just go cry myself to sleep now..

I believe with the morning will come hope.

Hope you enjoyed your day?


I'm so sorry dear. Anything I can do to help?☺

Yeah.. cry with me

So sorry dear

Cry with me

@joecxt feel sad for you, but you see its always good to pay verry good attention, may i hope you get it back but i ges its a not used steemit account

Thanks so much @jackjohanneshemp I'm really sad.. I've learnt tho. I will always double check before doing anything

Sorry dear i can imagine the feeling

Same thing just happened to me

Shit.. like.. when?? It's so painful bruh