Little Drops Makes An Ocean: An Upvote Can Put A Smile On Someone's Face

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An upvote can go a long way in putting a smile on someone's face.

We all need something from someone.

It may be funds, shelter, food, clothing, love etc.

What if the only thing someone needs from you is an upvote?

A Steemian who is in her final level needs our help urgently.
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@kwinesther is a Steemian who could be kicked out from School this week due to the inability to pay up the remainder of her fees.

All efforts to raise the money has proved abortive thus far.

Would she remain in school? Or would she be kicked out? It's in your hands.

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, honorable, compassionate and to have it make some difference that you lived and you lived well.

There's no way you wouldn't be happy knowing fully well that you touched lives, that you affected lives and made someone smile.

Attached below is a screenshot of her School Identity Card 👇

No one has ever become poor by giving.

Anything would be welcome.

A transfer/donation in form of Steem/SBD to the account @kwinesther could go a long way.

A resteem/upvote of this post could also make this happen.

The total amount needed for this payment is #24,000 which could roughly be between $70 and $80 respectively due to the low price of Steem

All SBD/STEEM gotten from this post would be sent to her to enable her process her fees.

Little drops makes an ocean.

Your upvote is golden, give it in style.


You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

What have you done for someone today?

There's a need now, can you please fill it?

P.S: You can tag a friend who you think could help out in the comments below

Together, we can make this happen.

I'm calling on @surpassinggoogle, @surfyogi, @dimimp, @wafrica, @steemjet, @lordjames, @mbj, @empato365, @ogoowinner, @ewuoso, @prechi, @uche-nna, @ubongj, @vheobong, @etemi, @mrprecious, @gee1, @jeaniepearl, @prettyjules158, @chiama, @nmalove, @mcsamm, @ackza, @joshuaetim, @oredebby, @druids, @cherylsonty, @shuta, @nexrules, @edprivat, @snook, @g10a, @dynamicgreentk, @maverickinvictus, @gnomicrules, @destinysaid, @mosumotunde, @drigweeu, @olawalium @sn0white and the many others who aren't mentioned here.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Cheers ✌


May Good God see her through!!! I will support her with 10SBD. I will do that wen I get to my active key. Education is quit intricate....Good luck to her.


I'm giving this 100% from all accounts

Sad that it happening to a student in the same university with me

Thanks a lot @empato365.
I really appreciate

This are trying times, definitely help will come and you will scale thorough. Please accept my widow mite in your wallet


Thanks so much @julietisrael.
I really appreciate your kindness and help

Weldone dear....
Thanks for offering to help.
I already sent her something

Thanks dear

I love this, let me go and continue the movement in the group

Thanks so much phagun

Thank you so much @julietisrael you have done great, may God Almighty reward you accordingly.

I will resteem this to attract more attention. And also I will support with 1steem

Thanks dear

Hey @julietisrael,

Thanks so much for your love and happy participation in @surpassinggoogle's Talk last Saturday. I am always happy to hear you singing or speaking.

Thanks also for highlighting and facilitating school fee payment for your friend, @kwinesther. I'm happy to help and already gave my full upvote, although it's value is very little. I will however be praying and seeing her fees fully paid this week. xxx

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Thanks a lot for your help and prayer.
May God bless you

Really, didn't know i was mentioned here, i have sent her something already!

Weldone @julietisrael!

Quite unfortunate but hope isn't lost. I studied in the same university and I understand how strict they can be at times. I hope she gets help to pay her fees. I'll donate 5 Sbd to her.

Thanks, i really appreciate

Thanks LordJames On Her Behalf.

Bless you, @lordjames. xxx

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#Altruistic-steem I think we can step in here. It's charity and that's what we do. @julietisreal kindly add altruistic-steem as one of the tags thanks

Hey there !
I couldn't donate anything as we feeding the family with what i earn on steemit , but I upvoted and resteemed and hope more people can see it, good luck !


I feel her pains. I have sent a token to her and re-steemed it. it's a beauty to give, because joy comes from doing that. Many have entertained angels without knowing.

To all steemians let's help it's not to much.. But as our beloved friend @julietisreal has said, little drops makes an ocean. Is there any memo when send? @julietisreal

Thank you so much for your help.
I really appreciate

You are very much welcomed friend.. Your happiness is our priority and the whole of @steemIt and @steemjet would love to see you excel in your studies, stay blessed @kwinesther. U are favour just like Esther was.. 👍👍👍

I like how you puts together your words.. Most especially the speaking. Sometimes it is highly felt.keep making it big @julietisrael

Don't have anything in my wallet right now to support but I'll Upvote and resteem, and you should check @charitybot too, they support people like this.

Thanks a lot

well done for trying something to help out, I've sent a token to her

Thanks for your help

Well done for trying
Something to help out, I've sent
A token to her

                 - joshuaetim

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you @julietisreal very much for your help. You are far too kind. I know we will make. (Ps. Sorry my upvote is worth nothing 🙁🙁 I have low steem power.)

Amen, yes she is really a kind person.
Thanks for your help dear.

@Julietisrael i just love you, thank you this. I pray we are able to raise the funds for her before the deadline.

Thanks boss

So panful , me @yetunde l don't have much but l will support you with something.

hey sir please saport me on steemit platform

Seeeing another student like me in this situation is really touching, i wish to be of help but unfortunately things has not been that easy.Will support by God's grace with my prayer... It's well

Hello @teardrops, my vote is small, but it helps, and this girl at the end of the day will drop a tear of gratitude and happiness. Teardrops are synonymous with joy, gratitude, admiration, etc. Tears do not just sprout from sadness
Blessings :)

I have upvoted and resteemed for more visibility

Oh yea, it takes two to tangle. Majority makes us strong, together we can!

it's rather unfortunate, we hope to see her before back to school soonest.

Thanks for using altruistic-steem tag

This is lovely @julietisrael, will send in my contribution.

I would have love to be of help but I'm not opportuned, by God's grace I will share the link in different group I'm into for help/upvote