3rd Part Bare feet. Thank you Steemit for supporting the Warao indigenous community of Cambalache. This week we went to buy shoes for our little students, here is the invoice.

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Before giving you the donation my husband @lopzdaniel and me, we reminded you of our class constitution, bring your clean shoes or sandals every week, take care of them and the child who takes care of your shoes will change them later for better ones.



As you already know, our objective is to change their thinking through education and this will create an incentive for them to learn the value of things and take responsibility from a young age.



Many thanks to @steemcurator01 , @canadian-coconut and @steemitblog for supporting our work. God multiply thank you very much.




There were 25 children and young people who were blessed with these shoes, thank you very much.


Thank you for this report. This is excellent.

We are very happy to be able to help.

The Steemit Team & the Steem Community

we are grateful and the children too. God bless you

Awesome job buddy,,, with small things we can help many people's.... Good luck buddy...

this is awesome , ,i have always believed that steem could do this ... there are a lot of charities we could help .... even with the DAO funds .... this is just very good . Much Much love to these kids

Keep up the good work it's a beautiful thing that your doing we need to see more of this here's a small tip 👍🏾 !trdo

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Very good work, Hope us can continue helping you!

Hola como están, que hermosa labor es la que ustedes realizan me ha encantado la actividad que realizaron por eso niños al igual que ustedes nosotros tenemos una Fundación llamada Fundación Bautista de Corazón a Corazón en el Estado Lara y trabajamos en pro de llevar palabras de aliento y valores cristianos a esos niños que lo necesitan tratamos de ayudar en lo que podemos con un programa de educación preescolar y uno de alimentación Dios recompensa las buenas obras

Amen bendiciones

Felicidades por el gran trabajo, se necesitan más acciones como estas en el mundo. Ayudar al prójimo ❣️

Muchas gracias amigos Dios les bendiga

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