Our friend Andrea needs your help.

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She is a volunteer who has helped the children of the foundation and is characterized by the love, happiness and dedication that she puts into everything she does. Her vocation is to help ♥ ️. But today, she needs us.


Andrea Gonzalez is currently in poor health at the Ruiz y Páez Hospital, located in Ciudad Bolívar🏥. So if it is among your possibilities, you can help us with a monetary contribution💰 or by sharing this image🤳.
Contribute your grain of sand! It all adds up! We will thank you from the heart! 💛

Andrea's medical diagnosis is: Sepsis Infectious Endocarditis (generalized infection in the # heart) that adds to her congenital long QT syndrome (heart rhythm disturbance) 💉.

Today we receive the unfortunate news that her premature baby passed away. But we can save Andrea's life.

Remember the words of the philosopher Aristotle: "What is the essence of life? Serve others and do good" 😉 ♥ ️.


We wish Andrea, her family and friends a lot of strength 🙏

VERY Good work Daniel + Bianka !!

   GOD Bless !!

We wish Andrea, her family and friends a lot of strength 🙏

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wish Andrea get well soon.

Quite unfortunate we lost the baby.

But be assured that she shall be healed miraculously ijmn!!

This is sad but will do my lil part. Hope she stays ok.

Será un placer colaborar! Espero se mejoren ambos muy pronto.

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